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  1. Its funny where a topic goes in a short amount of time. I guess what got me thinking about this was a training day we had at The Miller Ranch this summer. We had a pretty good group of bikes represented and also a bunch of different skill levels represented. Through out the day I rode all the praticipants bikes, to help with setup and also show them there bikes do eveything just fine, its the rider that is mostly the problem, and also had them ride my bike, Factory 300 Beta. As the day wore on a few things became very clear. The 14 Repsol 260 Honda was admired and loved by all to look and bench race. The reality of it was it was the hardest bike to ride with good results. That went from a beginner riding it, several levels inbetween, and some Experts. Now this is a bone stock bike keep in mind. The owner even admitted and proved to himself that his results were far better on my Beta, a bike he had never ridden, than on the Honda he was curently competing on. Few of the issues. The bike turns like a bus, clutch has poor progression, and stock gearing is to high. Those things combined made it hard for all but the top riders to be competent in the sections. Now I know Tony Bou would not be bothered by any of those things but it was still interesting to see over the range of riders we had, all swaping bikes to ride the same sections, that the Honda was the hardest bike to have the easiest ride on for all levels of riders. Anyway, I know a good rider can make any bike work. I know that Tony could probably ride a TY350 and beat most of the riders in the world. I just thought it would be interesting for 1 time to see the best of the best compete on bone stock entrys.
  2. You will get no arguement from me that Tony Bou is the best. I also believe he remains the best on any factory team. Bearing that in mind how does he finish under the following......... 2015 Sheffield The usual suspects, Bou, Raga, Cabby, and Farardo. All riding for their present factory except for one minor change. Each rider gets a bike fresh out of the box just like us Mortals ride. The only set up is done by the rider personally. Handlebar, brake, and clutch are the only things allowed to be adjusted. So, is Tony still finishing first on a box stock Repsol Honda? Do Cabby or Fajardo have an advantage on a box stock Factory 300 or maybe Raga on a stock Raga would come out on top. Just think it would be interesting.
  3. Im with Steve, just dont use that crappy Maxima gear oil in them. Aaron
  4. You will just have a super slow throttle that way. It will also turn about twice as far, so far in fact wide open is almost to far for normal hand position. I found the bikes much harder to ride with the 2t throttle. Aaron
  5. amiller

    Evo 4t ....300cc

    Keep it stock. Gearing is great the way it is. 1st will feel a bit fast at first but 1st and 2nd will be all the gears you need for almost any section, in fact 1st gear will do anything but a long steep climb. Aaron
  6. I never used the hot start or did the mod. Always start in neutral. Sometimes a gentle kick through before giving it the boot makes it easier. Mine always started rather easily. Aaron
  7. Yes, you still wear out rear brake pads, although I found rear tire wear was longer. Swapping back to the 2 stroke was not bad at all. Took me much less time to feel right on the bike again than when I went to the 4t. Added bonus, I now feel better giving the 2t a few extra seconds waiting to see if it will make an obstacle before the foot goes down do to the 4t doing things slower anyway. Feel more comfortable giving the 2t time now. Aaron
  8. You bought the right bike. I rode my REV 4 250 for 2 seasons. Loved it. Spent the first 3 months thinking I made a huge mistake. Spent the rest of the time enjoying the thing. I cant think of a better bike for casual woods riding. No way the 2 stroke is better,just different. Aaron
  9. Built from scratch in my buddies garage. Started life as an idea and some straight tubing. I enjoyed riding Vintage Trials but I didnt like the old geometry of the bikes, high pegs far forward, short swing arm, a lot of rake. I started modifying my TY175. Longer swing arm, lower and moved back foot pegs, more shock angle, TY 250 front end... Anyway, I just decided that modifying was not the right approach. Might as well start from an idea. I used a 200X Honda ATC motor, wanted the forward kick, early Aprilla inverted forks and clamps, and tried to build a frame around that to match my Beta REV geometry as close as possible. Cut out a head stock on a lathe to use with the Aprilla nose and started bending tube. Bike works well for me. Brakes suck still. Have to find some Fantic, SWM, or Bull hubs. My TY hubs are not cutting it. Suspension is great. Very capable of Zaps and Splatters. If at some point I can get some drum brakes that work better I will probably quit the new bikes and ride the built bike for all trials. With the front end set up it would be easy to convert back to a front disc brake. So far we have 4 TY 250 versions , 2 200X Honda powered bikes, and 1 441 Victor BSA powered monster out there competing. The 5th TY 250 version should be ready for the spring. Aaron
  10. A couple quick videos from our 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Night Trials. All in attendance seemed to have a good time once again. Its a different perspective on trials to say the least! Nothing like trying to figure out how deep the water is in the creek at each crossing with your headlight. Sometimes a little Faith is in order. Looking forward to next year. Aaron Sorry about the quality, but I was asked to post them anyway.
  11. amiller

    New bike time

    I was a big fan of my 07. If you go 08 take a good listen to the crank bearings on the 2 stroke. 08 4t is awesome also. Out of the 04 05 06 go 06 for sure. I liked my 02 better than my 03. Aaron
  12. amiller

    Beta 4t vs 2.9?

    Mine is an 08 250 4t. Still a Rev still linkless. I felt it was excellent on steps. You have to get comfortable with the fact that it does things slower. Still goes just fine. Takes some adjustment in timing. My only complaint and its my fault but I do not splatter well with it. Things I hit with the 2 stroke easily still take me several tries to do well on the 4t. Cant explain it. Other riders on the same bike will do it fine but I struggle. Suspension wise I would still rather have the linkless. I just like it better. Been riding a linkless since 2000 and if it was an option on the Evo I would have it. Aaron
  13. amiller

    Beta 4t vs 2.9?

    I have been riding a Beta 250 4t for 2 seasons now. Great bike. I am planning on getting rid of it to go back to a 290 EVO though. I never had a 02 290 Sherco but I did have an 06 290 Sherco. Hands down for me there is no comparison. Beta is smoother, better traction all the way around, better bike. Biggest complaint on the Sherco was the brakes or lack there of. They just dont compare. Beta. was easier to ride and maintain. Scores proved the rides. Had some air filter issues on the Sherco. Beta totally out turns the Sherco. Only reason I am not staying with the 4 stroke is price. Dont know if any of the above helps but thats what my experience was.... Aaron
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