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  1. Hi ive looked everywhere online for a black hebo helmet peak to fit on to my Zone pro carbon helmet, as mine has broke, just wondred if any of you knew where I could purcase one from many thanks Tom
  2. Hi I have reccently purchased a PPK6 GAS GAS
  3. Hi i have been using the standard dellorto carb until I tried the red dellorto, I got the carb off a scooter website based in germany mega cheap so thought id give it a shot, it was the same as the dellorto VHST 28BS but red that was on splat shop, but its probably jetted for a lambretta scooter and not a sherco haha they look mega trick!!! I didnt know that paxau had moded them like wish id of known before, With jets around the same as the standard it should be alot better was qhite surprised it felt alot smoother with it on but yet a slight power increase it ran fine for around 15 mins and then started to choke up, the same as what my keihn did when I tried it apart from this didnt just bork out. Many thanks Tom
  4. Hi I was wondering what jets,needle etc you are all running on these carbs as I cannot get my 2010 290cc sherco to run properly at all with it and it is proper doing my head in!!! any help is much appriciated Many thanks Tom
  5. Thanks for that il ring my local dealer!
  6. Hi my 2008 290cc sherco keeps jumping out of gear, is any one elses doing this?? if so is there anything i can do to stop it doing this?? any help is much appriciated thanks Tom
  7. Hi yes, it revs out put a keihn carb on it from <mention of this company is not permitted on Trials Central> and it rides a dream, didnt think it would make the difference it does, the carbs are deffinately worth the money !!! thanks Tom
  8. Hi The number boards that hold drink/petrol,Where can i purchase one from? ive looked everywhere thanks Tom
  9. Hi i have recently purchased a Keihn Carb for my 2008 290cc sherco with Boysen Reeds in, but i cannot get it to run properly with this carb on, what i would like to know is: The Needle Height Mixture screw (Number of Turns) Float Height in mm Also on the float height where do i measure from, the heighest part of the carb ar the flattest point where it joins? and any help that you will think is neccesary would be great many thanks Tom
  10. hi i got the bike from the UK yes, i do not know the size of the jets, they are the ones that come standard in the carb, i also use silkolene 2 stroke oil and i put 75ml to a 5 litre can, i am also using the NGK BPR5ES spark plug thanks Tom
  11. Hi im having a few problems with my 2008 290cc sherco, it just wont rev out properly, it starts splutering when at maximum revs. ive done every thing i can think of, mixture screw is set to what it says in the guide book i got with the bike, but still fouls plugs up, the tic over is all ok, i have tried the standard filter and two aftermarket filters in the bike. I also clean the airbox and carb out after every time out, also tried some "Boysen Reeds" as i herd they are good, runs abit better but still wont rev out, this is really doin my head in so any help will be much appriciated, i was thinking of trying a Keihn carb but its alot of money to try if it isnt going to make differance many thanks Tom
  12. Hi i was wondering if their would be any stalls selling clothing etc at the SSDT, This will be my first time going and was wondering how much cash i should take! and help much appriciated many thanks Tom
  13. Hi i was thinking about getting a Sherco S3 Titanium front exhaust pipe, what I would like to know is if they are worth all that money? what will it do to my bike? my bike is a 2008 290cc sherco BTW, any help is much appriciated Thanks Tom
  14. Hi i need a new front wheel for my 2007 sherco, but cannot find any were that sells them, so i was wondering if any of you knew any help would be much appriciated Thanks Tom
  15. Hi i was wondering if any one has had any problems on their 2007 shercos from the spokes snapping, 3 spokes have snapped tonite while out practicing and another two last week end, this is the front wheel and not the back, im getting pretty annoyed with this now as when i go out a spoke snapps, my wheel moves al over the place and i have to go homw early thanks Tom
  16. Hi I was wondering if any of you know of any trick bits for your sherco that makes your bike look that little more, if so please post a link to the site were you can look at the products and buy them, Thanks Tom
  17. Hi I use Halfords Cycle grease,it comes in a little tube and is qhite expensive but is deffinately worth the money as it lasts ages and the jet wash does not wash it all out when you wash it Thanks Tom
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