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  1. bassman

    Lakes 2 day

    Thats what i thought. Is it harder than a average middle route as I sometimes do them locally i'm not worried about a few sections that I can't do or a few 5s but I want to come away with my life.
  2. bassman

    Lakes 2 day

    Ive done the Scotish PRE65 Two Day. I have some mates on modern bikes planing on doing it and wondered if me and the bike would be capable of doing it.
  3. bassman

    Lakes 2 day

    Is the lakes two day trial suitable for a average pre65 rider on a pre65
  4. What is the rule on the fork length and stanchion diameter. The diameter is 35mm i think. Not hear of the length rule.
  5. bassman


    If I have to get new yokes where do I get them and how much do they cost?
  6. bassman


    So are Montesa yokes ok for the Scotish
  7. bassman


    Can someone explain the rules on pre65 yokes ie new billet yokes. Is it something about where the pinch bolts are?
  8. Hi i changed the motor on a 05 pro.I got the same size motor off the RS web site it cost about
  9. Hi can anyone advise me which electronic ignition would be the best for a 32a villiers trials engine and the price of the hole unit. Thanks
  10. Hi everyone there are riders from the Banovallum area that are doing very well in the East Midland Centre Championships and this is not very fair on these riders or the Grantham club.I think the Championships point should be scraped for this event. It seems this would be the best way to solve the problem.
  11. Hi i'm doing the same but in a D3 frame and would be interested in any problems
  12. The Banovallum two day trial will be held at Withcall (near Cadwell Park) on Saturday 31st May and Sunday 1st June, come along and enjoy the picturesque views of the Lincolnshire Wolds, and in the evening bring your own food to put on the BBQ (provided) and sing along with the band. There will be sections suitable for beginners, and pre 65 all welcome, hope to see you there it's well worth the few extra miles for two days trialing.
  13. bassman

    Pre-65 Scottish

    Hi i've had a report from a friend who's riding and he said"Bit tougher than last year ,wetter,harder sections" I think he's trying to console me for not getting a ride this year. Not much but a bit of info.
  14. There will be a band on at night. Beer Band and BBQ should be fun!!!!!!!!!
  15. Andrew Frith thanks for the support lads but a finish would be nice
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