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  1. mrandy800

    Losing my faith

    My scorpa has decided to come up with another problem its horsing out gear oil from breather pipe not a clue why???. Its a steady dip, started it up this morning after fitting my rad i had repaired by the time the fan kicked in there was a 12 inche puddle of oil on the floor i noticed i little oil on my right boot last time i was out but i had just changed the box oil so thought it was abit of excess but now i know thats not the case. I am just hoping it never got to hot last time i was out when the rad went it its damaged the motor some were. Someone please tell me its nothing to worry about or its a easy fix because and really running thin on faith for these scorpas after been told there bullet proof. Any info would be most helpfull thanks Andy
  2. mrandy800

    Sy radiator

    Or well looks like it's scorpa then anyone got an idea of cost for one, and thanks for the replys guys much appreciated Andy
  3. mrandy800

    Sy radiator

    Hi everyone been out on my scorpa a few times now and I pretty impressed with it to be honest. But yesterday the rad went and is completely wrecked so am looking for a replacement I know it runs a yam motor just wondering is it a yam rad also I do alot of gasser spares and the gas gas rad is I perfect fit apart from the filler cap is the wrong side. So am wondering has anyone used a rad from another bike or a yam can't find a secondhand one anywere or new so looks like it's going to be scorpa direct and I can see that being pricey. Any help would be grateful thanks everyone Andy
  4. Glad the rad worked ok dave and it arrived ok if ya ever need anything else give me a shout cheers matey Andy
  5. Cheers guys I have cracked it thanks for your help first ride out on it this afternoon can't wait, thanks again Andy
  6. Hi there guys and gals I got a scorpa sy250 03 about 4 weeks ago needed some tlc so I broke it down and sorted all the problems out, the wiring was a mess so left that till last I got way layed for around 2 weeks with another bike of mine, i have came back to me scorpa sirt the wiring out she is all up and running now am struggling were the hell does the cdi bolt to no matter were I try to fit it doesn't seem to fit anywere the will teach me to take photos please help me with a photo or a explanation am at my wits end very much Andy
  7. Hi there everyone just bought myself a scorpa sy250 after being a gasser man for years just fancyed a change was just wondering if there are any mods to make it better in anyway and tips for maintance or better running anything really that can make me owning one easyer on my wallet and enjoyable thanks guys and gals any help no matter how small would be great cheers Andy
  8. Hi there my U S friends i got a few side casings here and a kickstart shaft from a 2001 280 if any good to uses hope use get it sorted thanks and good luck Andy
  9. Hi just bought a 2001 txt 270 which needs a top end rebuild. I have a really good 125cc barrel piston little end and head in the garage and was wondering if its possible to make the 270 into a 125 and if so how hard is it to do and what about the carb are there the same or just jetted different. I have had a 250 and a 125 engine apart in the past and have noticed that there are almosty the same even down to part numbers so thats why i am asking the question. Am just trying to save some money and i will be able to use the bike until i have the funds to new 270 piston and get the barrel sorted any info would be a great help thanks guys and girls Andy
  10. Cheers lads, Ben i see yours has a nut on the end now has the crank been threaded for that or has it been welded on??? Does this missing flywheel make a noticable difference or not, i was thinks about breaking it up and selling the bits on ebay to make me money back but now am starting to think other wise may sort it out now, but i still need a piston i got a price from inmotion and was not expecting
  11. Yeah maybe he did matey but al never no so looks like am after a engine god knows were i start looking for 1 off them ??. I am from the uk matey shame sounds like you could have been a great help with sourcing a new motor. Looks like al have to put it on the back buner till i can get another motor You been a great help belldane even tho you were the bearer of bad news Cheers Andy
  12. Or great lol cheers matey the side cover had been welded on the outsde i thought it had just be built up with weld ready for reshaping due to wear from gear changes now i no different like you said the shaft has broken and in turn it split the side casing. Would the bike run with this little fly wheel and shaft broken off because when i got the bike the gentlemen said it just stopped and he didnt no why ??? nothing looks damaged in side clutch looks ok and selector to but maybe breaking the crankcase would unearth more secerts. Cheers belldane thats a great help even tho it was bad news haha Cheers Andy
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