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  1. Check your mailbox I have sent a pm .
  2. If you do a plug chop , don’t use a cleaver! ( first post ) Does what it’s going in have a very good ignition system ?
  3. Used to , probably still does , time moves on . i would lose the R ( resistor ) and try a plug with an iridium or whatever is fashionable now centre electrode if it’s going on something with older ignition .
  4. I would think it’s the gearchange spring , it’s like a clothes peg spring and one of the legs has broken . its relatively easy to fix ,no Gearbox to take apart and not expensive , you will need and a clutch cover gasket and “ possibly” have to remove the clutch basket . more importantly , if it is the spring and it has lost a tang you need to find it . I agree it is possible that the clutch slip could be due removal of two springs to make it lighter , this will be obvious when you check the return spring .
  5. It is possible to refit the pushrods and cam followers , I posted a way to do it here , hope you get this in time.... http://s126355195.websitehome.co.uk/tigercubforum/read.php?2,2166 Scroll down or look for posts by habilis , if you need more instruction just ask
  6. Bottom left of crankcase is the pump filter /pick up Remove this and check for obstructions ( gasket sealant ...) In pickup pipe If you are lucky there will be something blocking it. Use a torch Because it has been on the bench on it side something may have moved that sits comfortably in normal use If nothing visable put bolt back in and try something else. Still no joy , you will have to take pump off and filter bolt out again and blow through from pump side Or , whilst taking off the pump one of the anti syphoning balls against the crankcase may be stuck For what it's worth , I remove those ( leave the two in the pump !) I havent had any bother wetsumping and it's one less thing to block
  7. What an absolute treat!! , top quality camera work and the bonus of colour Best thing I have seen in a long time. Thank you for posting this .
  8. moleman


    If you want to change to an earlier plain outer cover , it is a little more involved than first thinking.... I have done it , to use an earlier inner cover that was less worn on the kickstart hole , then realised points camshaft bushes are different sizes in cover I ended up making bushes and changing camshafts ( with all the fun of the cam followers dropping down..) with hindsight I should have just lived with the leaky gearbox .... Easiest option is , as already advised ,remove points . Second option is to read up on part numbers of covers / cams/ bushes and see what will fit , when /if you decide to proceed you are left with other options , closed cam bushes and blocking of oil ( and dirty water )return hole at base of cover , it just snowballs ( nothing on a trials cub is straight forward ) If it is just for looks , and it is working well , i would leave it alone and enjoy your trouble free ignition
  9. remove lip off drum (if any) dremel /die grinder /file assemble oversize shoes on brake plate find / make nut and bolt to go through spindle hole (nice sliding fit) fit to chuck I use tailstock to apply pressure to bolt ( belt and braces ) important bit.. fit two pieces of hacksaw blade between cam and shoe , to give running clearance high speed , sharp bit , turn down, removing and replacing until it is a nice sliding fit in drum, keep going a bit at a time till this is achieved. I like to leave the leading edges unfeathered , theory is that it will scrape the mud etc. off, but if it starts to grab in use I put a small taper on , increasing size till grabbing stops That's how I do it.... ( remove hacksaw blades before use , but leave them in for fitting!!)
  10. I can second that , worked well , fitted well , but unstable on a stand , i put up with it at first , but made an alloy one in end Is it better ? Probably not , but hasn't fell off stand since ... Don't worry about being plastic , it fits well and can take a punch.
  11. 32 x 1.5 internal , left hand thread
  12. 19 February CCMCC MHB motorcycles rd1 Aughertree near Caldbeck We are running a club trial , with normal clubman and easy routes plus an additional begginers route!!! , good long laps No better practise than riding a trial , best just to jump in , do not worry about looking a complete fool ,you will be in good company We have complete fools on all our routes .... It's good fun, good exercise , but be warned, it can be addictive
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