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  1. It was called the Bemrose reunion trial, on 20th September1986. It was a pre 65 class added to the main event. I will have the results somewhere, but i think Sammy won it.
  2. That's standard road 2nd gear quoted there Jon, you should have 20 / 26 (same as original wide ratio)
  3. trickymicky

    Venhill Cables

    Venhill will make cables to your pattern, if required. Last week I sent them a clutch cable, and a throttle cable- admittedly it consisted of two parts because I use a device part way along to alter the ratio, but I was a bit surprised to get a call asking for a payment of £116. Think I will stick to making my own.
  4. Had a look around the Norton today Spen, very nice.
  5. Is Paul Rogers riding the Norton, Spen?
  6. Spen I used to go in to Andy Bones quite a bit in 1972, and they were well into racing then. They had a 50cc Itom at that time, but I remember they were doing a race kit for that Garelli engine in yours, consisting of a big alloy barrel, piston and head, and an expansion chamber which Ray Pettet made for them.
  7. I've got some of Alan Whitton's hubs, and they take standard, not oversize cub shoes.
  8. https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/21897/lot/274/ Looked pretty much as it does now, although this time the buyer gets a photocopy of James May's autograph as well.
  9. Its either one i owned or one which has been repaired in exactly the same way. The frame broke at the headstock and the extra gusset was put in on the front down tube to strengthen it. Its also got some work done above the footrests.
  10. He has edited his first post in this thread - i suspect that he may surface on a Cricket forum somewhere quite soon.
  11. You can get some information here- www.howmanyleft.co.uk But obviously only bikes which are registered for the road
  12. Keith, theres a ring of hardened steel balls which go in the sleeve gear. Hold them in place with grease,or some chain lube that has been sprayed in to the lid and stood for a bit.
  13. Try a search on e bay for- "front fork seals 32". Some of the listings of fork seal kits have an application list of what forks they fit.
  14. That was at the Midland Classic hosted round of the British Bike championship on 16th July 1989. The bike had Ariel Leader hubs. It also has a pre war (1929) timing chest and outer cover. The original bike at #42 has its correct front hub,not a Leader one.
  15. trickymicky


    #2 is Gary Mitchell #4 Dave Emmott #6 Howard Duddles Harwood Dale mid 1980's at a guess
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