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  1. OK, for anyone out there who is interested. I can't post a picture online as this forum doesn't like the picasa link. just have a look here https://picasaweb.google.com/106738124973524867532/TLR200_RTL250?authkey=Gv1sRgCJXB5qO8lKml3gE#5710764436834841282
  2. Well the work has been done successfully using existing cases and a bit of processing around the back of the kickstart and internally on the pivot pin. We made a splined spacer to set the boss about 5mm further out and used the existing brake pedal with some slight bending. Works a treat.. What link do i use to upload a photo ??
  3. Best advice I've been given is to replace the RTL case with a standard TLR case and swap over the kickstart shaft thereby utilising the standard kickstart although first removing the decompressor. Seems a shame though. Project for next week.
  4. I have a puller for a TLM220 Went to every Honda dealer, bike mechanic and no one had one to fit, I ended up buying one from Japan. I'll have a look what size it is and let you know. It's most definately a special though.
  5. I've just made a successful transplant of a 1985 RTL250 engine into my standard 1983 TLR200 frame. The carb to cylinder manifold is from the TLR200. The jetting is smaller than in the RTL although I haven't had chance to play with it yet so this will possibly change anyway. Runs great, no problem mechanically except the RTL kickstarter fouls on the frame and does not allow the shaft to rotate. I have had a surf around and can see a few similar engine transplants. In almost all the cases that I can see, the original TLR200 case is used with what looks like a TLR200 lever. The RTL doesn't run a decompressor. The spline on the RTL shaft is much more course than a TLR and it bolts on directly into the shaft rather than using a pinch bolt. Can anyone advise what the options may be to get a suitable lever in place. Thanks Andy
  6. I just swapped a tlm200 wheel set onto my TLR200. I had to slot the swingarm to take the 15mm axle and also swap over the brake plate lug as the TLR200 is 13mm not 15mm. The TLR250 doesn't need these changes and you can swap them straight over, the only difference is the length of the axle, you will have to use your TLR250 axle as the TLM200 is too short. Here's a link to the rebuild of my bike https://picasaweb.google.com/106738124973524867532/TLR200?authkey=Gv1sRgCJrvqNC3muyvlQE# Hope that helps Andy
  7. I've been running 10/48 in twinshock for four years, just the right balance and you don't need the clutch at all in the tight stuff.
  8. All older trials models 8 x TLR200 6 x TLM220 1 x TL125 (like the TLR200 not the older style TL125 from the 70's) 1 x TLM50 1 x TLM200 1 x RTL250S 2 x TLR250R All the four strokes with the exception of the TL125 are sold as is one of the TLM220's. I'll be parting out a couple of the 220's and maybe the 200. TLM50 is for another project like these on this link. http://picasaweb.google.com/106738124973524867532/TLM50Rebuild?authkey=Gv1sRgCNCHkKXClILBpgE# It's a brilliant little bike ridden by my son just turned twelve in the latest pics at the end.
  9. I've just bought my first container of bikes from Japan, the ones in the vid are a competition version of the TLM220R, basically the same without the lights etc.
  10. Yeah mate it was misfiring from about 1/3 throttle, it would just about run OK on tickover and very low revs but anything else it was throttle open and no pickup whatsoever. As I said I was aware that this earthing point was vulnerable so I had cleaned it and the frame and was sure the connections were secure but because the bolt hits the top of the airbox, the bolt is tight but it doesn't tighten down onto the earth terminal. I think I read your earlier posts with similar problems, I guess it may be a common fault when we start stripping wiring looms !!! I rode the bike today, starts much easier than before, only a half hearted kick with very little choke. Brill.... New sprockets are on their way, i'm going to try an 11 - 48 combo but I also have 9 and 10 toothe sprockets so i'm sure i'll get something to work. Out of interest the other bike I have is a white TLR200. Not a reflex but looks like an anniversary model as it has a trials championship 1983 sticker on the tank. It is still in road going trim and is mint.... Anyone seen another one ?? Cheers A
  11. I have nearly finished the project, it's looking good but when the rebuild was finished and I kicked over the engine, it started and, as has been described in other posts, 'she was running like a dog', I was all set to strip down the engine etc etc but I took it to a mate of mine who said 'nah its electrical, you're engines strong' check the earths.....so I did and couldn't find anything wrong, I have two bikes so I took the HT lead from one and tried it on the other, changed plugs etc etc. getting a bit frustrated I was just about to put the tank back on and pretend it wasn't happening when I kicked her over again and out of the corner of my eye I could see a spark jumpingat the earthing wire just under the tank mounting bolt. The interesting thing is I had already cleaned the connections and refitted this wire only a couple of days earlier but what happens is when you strip out all the lighting electrics, you also loose another terminal and the bolt hits against the top of the airbox....so it feels tight but it isn't. I put a washer in place, bent the terminal slightly so it wasn't shorting and now.....she runs like a pussy cat prrrrrrrrr..... It's very easily missed but is also very easily solved. Just a bit of advice from upside down land Cheers
  12. G'day all Just updating everyone on this subject. Oil levels have been changed and a workshop manual has been ordered. I got side tracked and decided to strip the rear end of the bike, complete bare metal job on the swingarm and ancilliary parts, new parts ordered, partially put back together and so as yet the improvements to the front end have not been tested. Our season starts again around easter here in Australia so i'll send a report shortly. Thanks for everyone's help so far.
  13. Cheers gary That's definately a different spec to the info in my manual and I guess highlights the difference between the reflex model and the TLR200. Many thanks.
  14. As far as I know it's not a reflex, it was imported to Oz from Japan, 1983 model, red and blue. I got hold of a reflex manual thinking they were the same and I reckon the oil levels, fork diameter etc are different. When I refilled the forks they had the oil level as recommended for the reflex which may be part of the reason the front end is harsh. Does that help ??
  15. G'day I'm about to start a complete rebuild of a TLR200 and would like any advice regarding the front suspension. I changed the seals last year after purchasing the bike. I also replaced the oil (there are no leaks) but the fork action is very harsh especially when dropping the front end after clearing logs or rocks. I have a manual but it's very basic. What is the correct spring rate and length. Should I be looking at new springs, different oil levels, viscosity etc. Any comments welcomed. Cheers Sid
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