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  1. Hi me again!.... just been googling 'starting problems'..... one topic pinpointed a 'starter relay' Couldn't find one on the wiring diagram marked as such but looking through the parts manual I found one listed on the wiring harness. Its located right behind the rear shock in a rubber boot. have not got it out yet as its a bit tight...looks like the rear shock will need to come out first...anyone know what exactly this item does? Apparently, the part used on 4rt is common to lots of other bike makes as well and these have been experiencing problems....... 


    That relay is for the fan ... if you do want to get it out, I find it easier to remove the airbox.


  2. Hi folks,

    My local dealer (just 900km away) has a good price on the S3 titanium header pipe for the 4RT. But there appears to be little information available so I have a few questions for anyone who has actually fitted one.

    1. Does anyone know what diameter they are? The original pipe measures 25.4mm OD.

    2. Does the original heat shield fit this pipe?

    3. Assuming the pipe is a larger diameter, how does it fit into the existing muffler? The original fibre sealing ring would be too small so how does one seal this joint?

    4. The original pipe has a slight bend before entering the muffler, the S3 pipe appears to be straight. Do they fit properly? Do they hang further out?

    5. Are they any good - performance, sound?

    Many thanks,


    Brisbane Australia.


    Hi Chris,


    I fitted one to a 2015 Repsol a few months ago.


    1. I seem to recall I measured it at 27mm external. Forgot to check wall thickness but larger bore for sure.


    2. Heat shield almost fits ... a minute with a small file and it went on just fine. Looks OK.


    3. Comes with a thinner seal. No issues fitting into the original silencer. If the dealer (?Tarp) doesn't send the seal, send the pipe back. I bought direct from S3 and definitely comes with a new seal.


    4. I wondered about the straight pipe but the fit was good. Tried to fit without removing the silencer. Not easy so removed the silencer, put the header on without tightening things up, refitted the silencer and then tightened everything up.


    5. Starting turning blue within an hour. I like the look. Needed to increase the idle speed. Seems smoother off idle. Sounds similar - maybe a slight bit deeper.


    Am happy with it.


    Let me know if you want a photo and I can post one,




  3. Yet another 4RT assistant. This time of the aforementioned 1100 hour 2005 model. Assistant not much good at diagnosing bike issues but superb at chewing right through the original '05 rear guard hence the '09 plastics ...



  4. G'day Stkman,

    So I didnt have it quite right? Components changed at 700 hrs... not still in cupboard. I have 25 hrs on my Cota so have a bit to go!

    What signalled the new stuff? Did you do a compression test and it was dropping? Leak down test?

    Where the valve ground and seats recut?

    Its a great testament to Honda trials motor running 700 hrs on original topend! And...1100 now on the rest.


    Hi Mags,

    Was running fine, a little tick from valve clearances. Just decided to do it so bought lots of parts, dropped engine off and picked up a while later. Valves perfect, cam chain plenty of life left, just ended up as piston and rings. Valve seals because we had them. Bore perfect, had worn through Teflon on the tiny piston skirts so could see the aluminium. Started 3rd kick after and was like a sewing machine. The mechanic just couldn't believe it - said it was a really good simple design in his opinion (loved the roller cam followers which are simple to adjust). Quieter and a bit crisper was the result.

    I put a new plug in every 100 hours after I got odd stalling and realised the plug had been in for 300 hours. Would love a 2014 or 2015 but my 2005 will have to do for a while longer.


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  5. You are hooked when every where you drive all you see is the next rock you want to ride. The greatest section ever, or the greatest place to live to ride trials!. Also when you have trials parts in every vehicle, the garage, your office, bedroom and anywhere else that you spend time at. My pockets are another place.

    Unfortunately for my wife our anniversary always fell on the weekend of our 1st event of the year. She found out quickly about my first (only) love.

    All I see when I drive somewhere is sections on the side of the road ... and often my non-trials riding passengers are now spotting sections for me too. Nice :-)

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  6. Working in a Husky dealership, the engine they have purchased will prove to be a brilliant decision by them. The X-lite motor is a brilliant little bit of kit, capable of very impressive torque and power out of a 22kg unit. It is by far and away the lightest small bore motor around at the moment and deserves to remain in manufacture. Hopefully seeing this in a trials bike will be a great move for GasGas. 4 Stroke is the future, there is no doubt of it. I love 2 Stroke motors, especially trials motors, but I think eventually they will fall by the wayside.

    As far as ceramic goes, all great in theory, but reliability will be an issue. Just look at the ceramic washers that were used by Sea-Doo in their supercharged jet ski's. Every one of them failed long before the motor did and disintegrated and went through the motor, leaving a true mess in it's wake. I don't think ceramic technology is quite there yet. :thumbup:

    22kg is impressive. Weighed my 4RT engine when I had it out of the bike and the scales told me 29kg ...

  7. Hi Sherco34,

    My homemade single bike trailer is on my garage page http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/garage/vehicle/17-montesa/

    It doesn't compress the bike's suspension. Front wheel held securely, rear wheel strapped down. No suspension on trailer, bike acts as the suspension. Also have a three bike trailer with a rack that holds the front wheel of the centre bike and rear wheel of the outside bikes. starp the wheels to the rack and no compression of the suspension.

    Both trailer have worked well for over 50,000km of trials bike towing.

  8. I used a stainless steel hose clamp (jubilee clip). Worked perfectly. And yes, did notice the holes for the rubber boot tabs didn't line up ... I made a template using the original pump holder and redrilled the Future item.

    Reassembled and started after 5 kicks. Perfect.

    Thanks everyone for your comments and photos.


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