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  1. ltfai


    On monday night/ tuesday morning, 25th/26th october 2010 my 2011 gasgas 300 was stolen from Compton Dundon in Somerset. Bike was only 3 weeks old so still looking immaculate. It had an s3 flywheel weight on it and titanium coloured master cylinder caps. The VIN T300M0706045. If you get offered the bike or see it then please let my dad (Dean) know on 07887805463. There will a reward on recovery of bike.
  2. hey, it might just be me but i have had a look on website and i can't find them! more info or link please!
  3. ltfai

    Sms Text Talk

    I am pretty sure that they are trying to say what ya think.
  4. As a rider I am liking the new rule change. The only one that mainly affects the riders is being able to stop and that is brilliant because you are able to get lined-up at a step etc. Which makes your riding more controlled.
  5. I've got an 2008 sy-250r. And quite frankly i love it!! had an 08 beta before and its ten folds better. the only critisism is that its a b**ch to get to the carb but as it is a scorpa not a beta you dont have to worry about it every weekend.
  6. Yea so did we but still had queries. We also found that most of the minders didn't start their stopwatch when the whistle was blown. You could hear the "beep" at least 5 seconds later with some minders.
  7. Why is it that when some riders are timed out on sections in the Colin Appleyard British Championship the team reports say ...APPARENTLY timed out. It was shirty who said it last year about Ross Danby, and this year it was team Atom refering to Michael Brown. Both riders were definitely out of time. Ross' minder seemed to think he had over 30 seconds spare, which cleared up where the error lay in most peoples minds. To me, "apparently" implies that there is cheating. Maybe some riders are looking for excuses, but if it wasn't for all the observers at all trials giving up their time, then the riders wouldn't have the sport they enjoy today.
  8. Yes there is a yeovale trial on 3rd of feb and it starts at 10am, signposted off A30 yeovil to crewkerne road.
  9. You can find out about all the events in the tmx and the clubs you join normally give you a newsletter with their fixture list. To get you liscence sorted out you can contact yeo vale through their website www.yeovale-mcc.co.uk if you go to the contacts page and ring the general secretary he should sort you out. Hope that is a help to you.
  10. I ride at both ACU and AMCA (amca are loads better!). The local clubs in the area are weymouth and bridport, otter vale, yeo vale and i ride all the south west events.
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