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  1. Did they change to a Keihin carb because they were having issues with the Mikuni carbs? Looks like the keihin is only on the 2008 bikes before they brought out the Evo.
  2. Cured! Well it runs a lot better now that I changed the carb inlet boot. I also took the advice from the chap at Trials and tribulations and flattened the spacer and the reed basket on a piece of glass with some 400 grit sand paper. Looking forward to getting a proper run on it now.
  3. Stripped it and the face where the crankcases meet isn't great. I trimmed a piece of the crankcase gasket that was sticking out. It is a bit better now. The inlet manifold flange face is shaped like a banana so I will get a new one - hopefully it will be flat....
  4. Quick update. I changed the pilot jet as the original looked a bit dodgy. Cleaned carb again and stuck it back together. Still knocking so I gave it a spray with carb cleaner around the inlet manifold and it died. Tried it several times with the same result. Will change the gaskets which will hopefully help. If not is it likely that the inlet could be dodgy? No cracks on it but when I spray at the edge it kills the bike.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I will try what you suggest and hopefully that will cure it.
  6. Thanks for the response. I did a partial strip down of the carb and blew it out with compressed air. I will try it again and put more emphasis on that area. It had been sitting for a long time in a garage before I got it so it is likely that there could have been condensation in the carb. There is a fair bit of instant gasket around the inlet manifold. Might be worthwhile taking it apart and sticking new gaskets on it. I am pretty sure it is carb related. Could timing be incorrect... how do I check that? The sound does not disappear when the clutch is pulled in. It's not really a mechanical knocking noise.
  7. Recently got this bike and it does a fair bit of knocking especially after revving it when the engine is coming back to idle. Gets worse when it is warm. Stripped and cleaned the carb but it hasn't made any difference really. It has a 48 pilot jet in a keihin carb. If I turn the air screw right in it goes away but it doesn't sound right and no power (strangely enough). Looking for suggestions to try next....
  8. Fell off the bike and it wouldn't start again. Checked plug, no spark. Changed plug and disconnected the kill switch - still no spark. Can anyone tell me if I can check the coil and CDI with a multimeter? If so what readings should I be getting....? Thanks, Stu
  9. Can anyone out there tell me if there are any good places to practise around the Haddington area just south of Edinburgh? Is anyone heading out on the 22nd of March - could I tag along? I am staying over there for a few months. I am from the West coast of Scotland but don't let that put you off..... Cheers Stu
  10. Used to practise there years ago on enduro bikes but haven't been back for a long time now. A rhumour I heard was that it had been closed because someone was injured there. Although that could have been cronberry. It is really unfortunate that people use and abuse these places and wreck any chance responsible riders have of practising there. Is it any wonder that people who aren't into off-road bikes think we are all complete bawbags.
  11. I did that too - still got the scar on my chin to prove it. I like the way the police dude calmly picks up the front wheel as if he knew that was about to happen...
  12. Good advice there! You generally get forearm pump within the first 30 mins. When you get arm pump take a break for 10 mins, after that you will probably be fine. Not sure if it's because your muscles are warmed up or because you tend to relax after you have been riding for a while. Or you could try riding no handed - thats got to work.
  13. I agonised over this for ages. My initial budget was the same as yours but it went out of the window eventually. I ended up buying a Panasonic SDR H280. I haven't used it in anger yet but have been playing about with it. So far it is pretty easy to use and the picture quality is good when I watch it back on a 28" widescreen TV. The editing software however is proving to be a bit of a nightmare but I haven't read the instructions properly. I thought it would be intuitive but it's not. The only real downside apart from the software is the time it takes to download the movies to the pc but that is understandable given the size of the files. I can't imagine any other camera would be much different if you are using the USB port. You can't plug a bullet cam into the camcorder so on-bike footage is a no-no unless I taped the camera to my helmet and thats not going to happen. If I ever have some spare cash I might buy one of those 'Hero' cams or the other bullet type for on-bike footage. Good luck with your search.
  14. Valve down is On I think. I have an 04 300 as well and tried to run it on reserve which didn't work very well.
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