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  1. But it wouldnt stop the theives stealing bikes to ship off to the far east IMHO not many bikes will be stolen to ride at events. They will be stolen to sell on, and then the innocent person who does ride it at an event will be another person who loses out.
  2. i read a similar thing .....but it said it was the members of the senate in the USA
  3. They are all common misconceptions In this link you will find a story to the contrary http://ufos.about.com/od/aliensalienabduct...p/manhattan.htm People who want to debunk UFO abductions, will only tell you about the the cases that they can clearly debunk easily, which will carry the misconceptions even further, but the solid stories are left alone. I`m not saying I believe that they do happen, but there is a lot of evidence out there to suggest it does.....if you look for it.
  4. I`ve asked around about this problem, and everyone seems to have cured it in a different way. Some have cured the drag by just using a lighter oil, others have changed the steel or fibre plates. Sandifords recommend buying a CR 250 clutch kit but only use 5 of the plates (kit contains 6) Haven recommend buying a fibre plate kit from them. To try and cure mine, I first changed the oil to a different brand, but that didnt work, so then took the plates out and roughened the steel ones up, that worked a little bit. The next option is to try the fibre plates from Haven, at
  5. I`m doing a write up that has to be finished by Tuesday AM. I need some info to complete it 1. What year is the official year that observed trials first took place? 2. Has the marking system alwas been the same from that date? 3. When was observed trials officially exported to Europe?
  6. I`ve got a Micromark basic wired alarm kit and the idea was to set it up in the garage for the bikes. Its got 2 PIR sensors and 2 door sensors in the kit and looks quite easy to set up. I take it that Micromark are not the top end of alarm systems, and most probably nearer the bottom end . So the question is....Do I put the alarm box on the outside wall for everyone to see, or do I put it in the garage, where it will make a loud enough noise to frighten off any thief. The reason I ask is that I did hear that potential thieves can see what alarm system they are up against if its on the outside of wall, and if its just a basic model (like mine) it will be easier to get past it. Has anyone else got a Micromark Alarm ?
  7. Is this company still carrying on with this model, or newer models This is an adult sized bike rather than the small oset ones for kids I thought I would have heard more about this, but it seems oset have taken over, or have they changed the name
  8. I remember seeing this on the internet a while ago. I think it was USA designed and built, but havent heard anything after about it since. If I remember rightly, it was designed as a pit bike toy rather than a kids bike Anyone know if they are available to buy anywhere ? It looks good and could be something to try for my eldest
  9. Thanks for the explanation 2fargone. I `m sorry, but when I typed the footpeg bolt was touching the kickstart bolt, what I should have typed was that it was touching the casing...I will change the bolts in the footpegs to panhead ones which are a bit smaller and made of a titanium alloy anyway I think. After looking at your picture, then looking at my TY, I noticed that the brake lever on mine must be bent, because the actual lever part has cosmetically damaged the casing instead of the proper stop for it reaching where it should do. I`ll have to get the hammer out. It does have a spring on the brake lever, but is attached a different way than yours, not the original one on mine i think How did you heat up the kickstart lever....blowtorch ???
  10. OK here goes Didnt work OK here goes again...A picture of the TY rear brake lever You will also notice that the bolt for the footpeg is very close to the bolt for the kickstart....maybe another design fault ???
  11. I`m sorry, I stated that the bar is attached to the frame, when its in fact attached to the bracket that the footpeg hangers are welded onto The bar is a kickstart stop is it ..... The kickstart lever I bought from a yamaha specialist, and was sold as a TY80 kickstart lever, but it doesnt look quite right to me, it sort of goes up straight then bends outwards away from the casing, so sticks out when riding for little knees to hurt themselves on. Thats why I put it as far forward as possible away from possible injury (and for more travel for starting). So when kicking the bike over, the lever goes nowhere near the "stop". I may grind the stop off then, or try and bend the brake pedal so it travels past it without snagging. I just wrapped some tape around the brake pedal where it contacts the casing to stop any more wear on the casing, but it seems a poor design to me because of the small amount of movement of the pedal and the only thing that it rests on is the casing, thats why I thought my setup was wrong somehow, but it must be right. Thanks for the help PS:- Sorry I cant post any pictures as I`m not sure how to get them hosted online for me to post a link to them
  12. I`m just going over a TY80 that I got for my kids to learn trials and have a couple of questions about some of the things of how they work. The first thing I want to know about is the rear brake pedal. Its seems to either be hitting the engine casing when not being used, or hitting the small angled bar that comes off the frame when trying to use the brake. There isnt a lot of room for travel, so whats the angled bar for ???? Whats its purpose ?? The other thing I want to know about is how the rear brake set up is meant to be, The way its set up is, having the thin rod connecting from the back of the brake pedal to the actuating lever on the rear wheel over the top of the spindle. When its set up like this though, when the swing arm moves up(rear shocks compressed) the brake comes on....surely this cant be right. Is the setup supposed to go under the spindle, which seems unlikely due to the capability of being damaged. If I try and alter the nut on the rod, to slacken it off a bit, I have problems with the angled bar in my first question . I hope you can understand what I`m getting at Any help greatly received
  13. Are theses pirelli tyres nearly new. or are they telling a little white lie. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PIRELLI-TRIALS-BIKE-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  14. dr nick


    Are the spokes on a 315 chromed, or just polished stainless steel ?
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