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    Honda TL250


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    Having just retired I bought this bike to restore and compete in long distance trials, but my plans have changed due being offered another full time job, therefore I have no time for the bike build or LDT. The bike was recently imported from Illinois America so will need to be registered but is on the NOVA database to show all vat & duties have been paid. The bike is in good condition with many original parts, the exhaust & silencer are original & are solid with no holes, as usual the plastics are in poor state but they are easily sourced. The engine started after a few kicks then stopped and I can't get it going again, so it probably has a blocked carb and very old petrol,so it will need a carb clean, and fresh fuel. This is a great project for someone with the time that I sadly don't have. Please have a really good look at the pictures to be sure what you are bidding on, as I won't refund money. Cash on collection in South Manchester. Steve 07870300800

    2,600.00 GBP

  2. stevieb

    Punctured Engine Casing

    Thanks very much but I am now sorted. Steve
  3. stevieb

    Punctured Engine Casing

    Thanks, I have repaired the damaged casing & bought a new one. Steve
  4. stevieb

    Sticker Kits

    DO NOT I mean DO NOT buy any from express signs on Ebay they are bad quality and the colours are all wrong, I bought some and complained, but didn't get a response to any emails.
  5. stevieb

    Punctured Engine Casing

    I managed to repair the casing to get riding again, but have since bought a new Yamaha casing (£60) and a slightly shorter gear lever (£36) from Birketts. My mate has ridden my bike & is so impressed he 'has to have one' but there doesn't seem to be any about for sale, anyone know of a good 175/200f up for grabs please let me know.
  6. stevieb

    Punctured Engine Casing

    Thanks, I also need a gear lever, does anyone know if its the same as the SY250 2t ?
  7. stevieb

    Punctured Engine Casing

    Thanks Archie, the first one does look similar, but it's not the same & the second one, again looks similar and would probably get me out & riding until I could find a new/newer one. I'll have a good look through Ebay.
  8. stevieb

    Punctured Engine Casing

    Preparing my SY175f for a trial this morning, the bike 'blew over' in the wind and fell onto the left side, the gear lever took the blow and punctured the engine casing, end of day !! My problem now is findind a replacement casing & gasket, i know that it is a Yamaha TTR engine, but is this an import and are engine parts easily available ? I haven't have a great deal of joy in the past sourcing Scorpa parts. Other than Birketts, can anyone advise where else I can sort this problem ??
  9. stevieb

    Scorpa Decals

    Does anyone know where to get Scorpa decals ? I have a new rear mudguard from Birketts for my 2005 SY175f, but they can't supply the decals, I have bought a set off Ebay from Express signs, but I'm not impressed, wrong colour blue & not best ever !
  10. stevieb

    New 175F Owner

    Just wanted to say Hi, I have just bought this 2005 SY175f 143cc I am really pleased with it, but I have no idea of it's history and therefore do not know if its had any of the common modifications done, I am keen to get the bike as good as it can be and would be grateful to hear of your good and bad expierences, what works, what doesn't work, what to look out for, which mods are worth the money etc..
  11. stevieb

    Help Identify This Bike

    If stevieb can post the frame number (or PM me if he does not wish it public) I'll decode it for him. Jon Frame number 011020263 Swing arm part serial number BT280212002 Thanks Jon
  12. stevieb

    Help Identify This Bike

    My friend has recently bought this Gas Gas, reportedly a 2003 TXT Pro 200, I cant find information either on the bike or on the internet to prove Gas Gas actually made a 200 in 2003, my gut feeling is this could be a 2002 125 ??? Can anybody help ??
  13. stevieb

    TL125 Miller 150 conversion

    Can I tell what size the barell is without taking the head off ? The head has never been off my TL
  14. stevieb

    TL125 Miller 150 conversion

    I have a TL125S which runs great but as you know lacks some grunt, I am thinking of a Sammy Miller 150 conversion kit, is there anyone who has completed a recent conversion, can say if it's worth the money or hassle ?
  15. stevieb

    Tlr 200 - Tlr 250

    Apart from the obvious 50cc can anyone tell me how the two bike are different ? Stevieb