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  1. '89 partslist: http://honda-trials.com/_sgg/m8_1.htm
  2. tlrs

    Honda Ballet

  3. http://home.scarlet.be/rlmoa/index2.html
  4. tlrs

    Tl 125 Bore Or Stroke

    122 cyl can be used to bore up to +/- 140 cc (cb550 piston) 124 cyl for up to +/- 150 cc (cb750 piston) stroking the engine is not evident: if you're not able to do it yourself > expensive. (maybe look for a 200cc engine will be easyer? (tlr, ...))
  5. portus: a 4T montesa conversion
  6. marky g is right: engine is certainly from a trail bike: xls, xr, xrr, ...
  7. tlrs

    Seeley/ Ewarts Fuel Tap

    BJ, did you see Sutty's tank in the fraser topic: EWARTS tap
  8. tlrs

    Fraser Honda

    the bike is a FRASER HT200 the engine used was a modified XL185 engine (bored out to +/-200cc + ...?)
  9. tlrs

    4stroke Finale

    is this getting silly or is it me? http://cgi.benl.ebay.be/The-Honda-Trials-S...1QQcmdZViewItem probably some of you guys gonna justify this also ...
  10. certainly NO seeley or rs frame. (2 downtubes) NO rs engine (engine bottom seems from xl or cb 125 to me, but no clear view on the top end.)
  11. tlrs

    Seeley 250

    The seeley framed 250cc bike lejeune (& hattori (?)) rode in the 1980 SSDT was the RS250T, it used another type of cylinder (external oil pipe to be used because the big bush cut through the internal oil channel). I believe those engines have never been for sale. I think this is an individual/shop conversion rather than a Honda works bike: why would they use the cylinder of their new tlr in a +/-4 year older (design) bike?
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