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  1. Hi there I'm in South Yorkshire , but used to paying p/p has its 30 mile plus to my nearest shop . As to the price cheaper the better for braketec front master cylinder . Motormerlin ive just seen £76 . Cheers Dave
  2. Eh op where is the best place to purchase a braketec front master cylinder for my 2014 racing 250 . Thinking the one on eBay at £88 is a bit steep . Do you know any cheaper . Thanks Dave .
  3. Is there anyone out there got a owners manual 1977 TY who can photocopy me a copy , or PDF . Cheers .
  4. davet

    1974 Ty 250 Manual

    Cheers Kev my mate may forward is email address . Thanks.
  5. davet


  6. Can anybody advise me on which plate to use so I can manipulate to shape . Thought 6mm thickness but open to your knowledge . Plus thinking of 3mm sheet to make a side panel .
  7. davet

    1974 Ty 250 Manual

    Cheers Tony I'm on it ...
  8. Eh op does any one no where I could purchase a manual for a 1974 TY 250 , or download one off Internet . Thanks in advance . Dave
  9. davet

    1977 Ty 250

    Eh op all . Trying to source a manual any ideas , links or leads . Thanks in advance Dave
  10. Simples cheers Suzuki 250
  11. Hi there I'm after some info regarding bsa c15 . I am going to fit 14 tooth front & 64 tooth rear sprocket , will a 134 link chain be long enough . There was no chain when I bought bike to restore , so knowledge lacking . Thanks in advance Dave
  12. Can anyone give ma any info which will aid me in removing the inner timing cover , it seems to be sticking round the kickstart shaft . It seems I don't have the knack removed all bolts but cant get off said part .
  13. davet

    Brake Shoes

    No it's for my 1960 bsa c15 trying to find out what's the best brake shoes or which other riders prefer .
  14. Which brake shoes do you recommend and why ?
  15. Thanks bezaboy . Something to work with now , just bought it it's my 1st project . There maybe numerous questions to follow. Can you point me in direction for a new petrol tank ? Cheers Dave
  16. Can anyone advise me Sprocket size for bsa c15 trials . Thanks
  17. Looking for any tips on re packing exhaust 2014 gasser . Cheers.
  18. As the title states what is your preference to chain maintenance , is it soak in oil , spray lube , chain grease or spray a light oil onto chain . Or is there another method , share your maintenance tips. Keep ya feet up ! !
  19. While I recently stayed in a small hamlet in Staffordshire , I had the pleasure to meet Maurice Arden , it wasn't long before the conversation came round to motorcycles, me being a young 54 yr old and only recently started riding trials , was amazed at Maurice's knowledge of trials in the 50s to present date , but his heart was with the classics . When the conversation came round to the attire of the modern trials outfits Maurice surprised me again telling me off the boots he used to produce , the Big John super cross , the Fenman dual purpose enduro and the Supertrack model , which he supplied the British trials team with Boots and Gloves for 14 yrs . Maurice informed me Mick Andrews won the Scottish more than once wearing the boots Maurice made. One of his promotional ploys was to tuck a new dry pair of his gloves into the bikes handlebars . Maurice also told me of a letter he received from the late Jim Sandiford thanking him for his support of the British ISDT team , also receiving correspondence from Ken Heanes and Mary Driver , Team manager and ACU Competitions secretary respectively. I was wondering if anyone out there ever owned any boots or still own , gloves or the Big John body belt Which Maurice produced , or any memories you would like to share , and hopefully I will be able to pass on your remarks to Maurice . It was a pleasure to meet such a Gentleman . Thanks for your time Dave Turner.
  20. Eh op I have just got a pro racing 250, people I know advise me to use ATF Dextrone 3 oil , but the dealer told me only use light oil . What is your preference and do you know what benefits one has over the other. Cheers Dave.
  21. Hello its me again what should I be looking for regarding Damage to Idle gear ?
  22. Well I've ordered new one just over £90 and they said they have heard of this happening but don't the cause, been advised just to place and all should be fine ? Don't worry will be looking at Idle gear .... Thanks for your help.....Keep them wheels turning
  23. Yes that may be the cause will find out when I take off the cover and inspect . What would you do with clutch cover attempt repair or buy new ?
  24. Just got back from a practice session and noticed oil on bash plate. After checking for loose bolts noticed clutch cover cracked near kick start and oil leaking through seal on kick start... Does anyone know wether it could be sealed on inside with E metal or epoxy resin ? Has this occurred with your bike and if so how did you cure it ? Or is the only option to buy a new replacement..... OUCH !
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