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  1. I've just got a new calliper for my gasgas 300 pro it had formula brakes on it ,i put it on and the disc rubs on the calliper I think the spacer is to big I have filed it down and seems ok ? Just wanted to know if this was the wright think to do before I use it many thanks higgy
  2. thanks I have got a new venhill hose so I'm hoping I can get a new ajp caliper to fit. thanks again
  3. hi just wanted to know if you can fit an ajp calliper to a formula master cylinder thanks higgy
  4. Same here I strip my formula brakes every few rides when I asked at dirt bike show they said they need doing a lot. Clean brake fluid out and bleed you will find them work a lot better. I up graded my front bake to the new formula sherco it works a lot better but not cheep.
  5. higgy

    Foot Pegs

    Thanks they are the pegs I have been looking at, for the price they look vey good.
  6. Hi I've got a 300 Gas Gas I find you have to kick it over at the same time giving it a bit of throttle.it all about timing it write.
  7. Just wanted to know what foot pegs to get been looking at a pair of s3. Has any one got any advice thanks Higgy.
  8. Just try all size bikes only you can say which bike you like I used to have a 08 250 sherco thinking this was the best for me in till I tried 2012 300 Gas Gas fell in love with it so soft but power if you need it. Go to a trial and see if you can try some different cc bikes. Hope you find what you want.
  9. Immaculate Sherco 290cc as new.This is on trials central adds i've not seen one in such good order it's a bit over 1000 pounds but looks good. try and get a 290 sherco 04 i had one and it was very good.
  10. i voted 11am. i'm a farmer and if a trial starts at 10am i have to be up very early to feed sheep and cattle so the latter the better.
  11. hi i had the same problem is the screw at the front of the carb. if so it is a fuel screw not a air screw, try turning it 3.5 to 4 turns out.
  12. higgy


    just worked it out, the slide was up side down no wonder the bloke i got the bike off couldn't get on with it. i've been having trouble since i got the bike lets hope thats it. thanks 4 your help.
  13. higgy


    yes, are they not good carbs?
  14. higgy


    yes tried them doth ways. the pin thats shuts of the fuel seems ok, but it seems to keep letting fuel in.
  15. higgy


    can anyone help took my carb apart 2 clean it now my bike wont run its flooding the engine i think its some think to do with the floats. please help don't know what else i can do.
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