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  1. Following the result from last weekends A/B trial i think the ACU should throw the rule book in the bin and do the right thing. Lets have a run off trial Short v Sadler head to head Bracken rocks date to be arranged Barry Burton as C of course, run as a youth A National championship decider winner takes all. As Both riders deserve to win and it,s not fair to give the championship to the one that fits the rule book lets have it out on the bikes and not in the rule book. And a hand shake to start and finnish the trial. that way youth A championship will be decided on the bike and not in the rule book.
  2. Good idea, plenty of fantic 200 & TY175 yams out there going to wast, keep national rules but change for club & centre trials as they are worlds apart.
  3. Like how to attract more riders to the sport, and how or what can be done to make trials more interesting to the general public. Would it not be possible for the ACU to attend some of the big shows around the country with some of our top riders to give demonstrations and promote the sport. There needs to be two types of trials, the traditional type and the show indoor type for the public which could be more like the BBC kick start that everyone still talkes about to this day.
  4. For those that do the nationals all over the country it can be a bloody long drive home sometimes on a Sunday evening, we normaly listen to the top 40 show and then start listening to CD,s but what do people listen to ? We have had many CD,s over the years like Pink Floyd & Genisis etc, but the current most played seems to be Deleriums Albums called Chimera, or Karma. So what is your most popular motorway CD? www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnhtlHPt0pY& feature=related
  5. With less youth riders around these days could the ACU not change the rules to teams of three instead of four, otherwise there will be lots of centres up & down the country who will not have a team to compete in this great event. This would also let centres with plenty of youth riders enter more than one team at the same time.
  6. Simple, limit entry to 60 30 A plus 30 B class.
  7. Lots of talk about minders riding bikes at this trial, with a 3 mile lap it was impossable to be at and time them through every section. Its about time ACU looked in to this, its not a problem at the adult rounds so why not let minders ride at the A/B rounds.
  8. Uk world round on 27th so that would be out as well, just hope it don,t clash next year.
  9. I think it,s a great shame that the Mintex time trial and the stDavids BTC trials clash as several of the top youth riders would like to take part in both events. I also understand that the Y.M.S.A. have a round of their championship planned for the same day, which will affect entries at both events. There are several dates in June with nothing much on, just a shame for everyone that the Mintex could,nt move to the 27th then all the top youth riders would be there.
  10. Must agree but i think the biggest question must be about the type of section they use at this venue, they not only show a complete lack of imagination or intrest in giving the top lads a real challange, but in places i would consider them to be likely to damage both bikes and riders alike for no good reason. It,s about time the ACU made a ruling that any club applying to run a championship event must name in thier application a person within thier club who has competed or been connected with that championship in the last two years.
  11. The top Gas Gas youth riders in the country don,t have this problem, so think again. In the wrong hands Power = trouble
  12. Would it not be better if there was a traveling Steward (on a bike) at youth events who could be called on from any section to assist in any way to any rider. Otter Vale to whom i am a member did have one, but he was back marker and not steward, well done Keelan Hancock, who is a real nice lad. This could work at C/D rounds, but at the top end of A/B we have come through the system and it,s like a traveling family that meets six or seven times a year and we all look out for each other. So you start the D class at 18 stone and six years latter your son,s a star and you weigh 10 stone and can run like a rabbit, can,t see anything wrong with that.
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