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  1. Check the diameter yourself, and pitch and whether right hand or left hand. Many euro (motoplat/bosch) magnetos were 26x1.5 R male puller. Not sure though!
  2. I caught this thread late and hope you have made some progress on the problem. If you do a search you will find a link for the Zero 90-93 parts manuals. There is a difference between -92 and 93 models in the clutch as there is an additional plate that is made like a friction plate but it is a drive plate and goes up against the drum. If the wrong clutch stack was installed it may have caused a problem/slipping or not disengaging which might cause the worn out shifter. The remaining stack is the same. If you have wear in the transmission it might be a good idea to flush/rinse with some kerosene and refill with high quality gear oil. Parts from older models like SYNT etc. might interchange.
  3. Did you get it yet? Welcome to the club. Unless the bike was severely abused and neglected you might not need anything. I keep reading around the forum and I am many times glad to have something of that vintage as I have never encountered problems. It is like a Swiss watch to me. Even when I think it has been seating too long it fires right back up and goes. Let us know how it is. I'm not in the UK but got parts from the UK as the guys there seem to know more than the local importer and were more responsive than the factory.
  4. zerogara

    Beta zero brakes

    Seals are like bearings, they have three dimensions inner outer diameters and thickness, but there maybe quality differences as well. For hydraulic fluid or motor oil, hydraulic ones wear happens in and out instead of rotating, etc. O-rings inside the piston/shaft are important for rebuilding and rarely you need a new piston if it is severely corroded. I would search for a 10mm master cylinder from a dirt bike. Maybe a ktm or husqy that might have a compatible fitting for your brake line. It may be a cheaper/easier solution. Some of the mottard conversion make people change the whole front brake system and nearly new systems sell dirt cheap. If you do find a source though please let us know here as well.
  5. zerogara

    Leaking Oil

    You have water in the crankcase, which raises the cranckase pressure when the piston is down an forces gases/mixture through a seal to the tran. Take header off raise the piston to the top and tip bike forward, it will go by the piston skirt and out the exhaust. If it has been long it may have corroded your bearings and may have blown a seal already, thanks for the oil in the premix most metal surfaces are coated and protected but not for long. When an engine gets submerged you don't even try turning it by hand, let alone start it as hydraulic pressure and your leverage from kick starter can snap a rod in half.
  6. There might still be water on the bottom of the crankcase and you should be not starting it till you drain lube and recheck. I am surpised you have not damaged the rod.crank/bearings etc. Or maybe you have!
  7. http://www.trialsport.com.au/beta/Parts/Zero 90.pdf http://www.trialsport.com.au/beta/Parts/Zero 91.pdf http://www.trialsport.com.au/beta/Parts/Zero 92.pdf http://www.trialsport.com.au/beta/Parts/Zero 93.pdf http://www.carlsalter.com/aaman/Beta__Beta...ts%20manual.pdf or http://www.carlsalter.com/aaman/Beta__Beta Zero 90 parts manual.pdf http://www.carlsalter.com/aaman/Beta__Beta Zero 91 parts manual.pdf http://www.carlsalter.com/aaman/Beta__Beta Zero 92 parts manual.pdf http://www.carlsalter.com/aaman/Beta__Beta Zero 93 parts manual.pdf Those are scanned copies of parts manuals, not repair manuals, so there isn;t much on specs in there, but it helps getting stuff apart and back together. I have a 93 as well and apart from the advertised difference of fork diameter (same as 94 techno I think) the clutch has a small difference from 90-92, where this friction type inner plate is in front of the stack but not there on the 93? If anyone knows more about this please advise.
  8. A friend who is not that handy with forums and other complex matters just browses and email has one of these bikes which he might be selling but doesn't know how original this is and what year it is. I'd say the seat is not original, the rest seems fine. The bike is for sale in MD but he is trying to appraise its value, any input is welcomed. To contact the owner directly w2ss@lycos.com
  9. zerogara

    Zero Gara 1993 260

    I used the search feature to locate any articles within Beta for "zero" and received no results. I tried all of the forums together and still ZERO! I can swear I had posted something about MY BIKE here before in search of others, therefore something with the search engine is not working right, I suspect. Anyway, mine is a 93 (Gara 260) and apart from being a bit heavy, and stiff/rigid, I love it for its mechanical value, design, quality. The thing seems pretty indestructible, even when used for fast transits through woods and dirt roads. I've had it for 6-7 years now and except for a set of clutch plates I've needed nothing more than fluids and tires.
  10. Overflowing is a major problem, as the float level is above what it should be, therefore making it too rich and maybe flooding/fouling plugs. Also makes your exhaust port and pipe full of depositis. My old Beta with a Dellorto never leaked. Koz
  11. zerogara


    41/11=1:3.727 44/12=1:3.6667 44/11=4 44/10=4.4 so that would be a big leap the other way, a ten would be too big of a difference i think, slow you down too much where 2nd would be just as first is now. you can change the 12 to an 11 and take up a little slack at the chain.
  12. zerogara

    Zero Gara 1993 260

    I'm surprised the Beta forum is the most popular among brands and still i couldn't find a single message about the zero, or maybe since I am new I did not use the search option correctly. I've only had a problem with a slipping clutch needing replacement, the front disk being a bit loose and not knowing how to set up the rear boge shock as it is acting like an enduro shock absorbing all action and slowing it down too much. otherwise I love my bike, even though out of date, heavy and harsh by modern standards. Koz
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