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  1. Was there or is there discount on the "16 rr in the UK does anyone no? Cheers Marty
  2. Where are you from? North or south? Trials practice ground in Newtownards "leadmines" Run by Moto-Trial NI Marty
  3. I'll be up to see you shortly ken !!
  4. Morning Apart from Dave Dawson Does anyone use the Maxton rear shocks Thoughts on them? Marty
  5. martyd

    4Rt Spark Plug

    Never thought about the valve clearance I havent checked it since fitting the 280 kit Must do that later Many thanks Marty
  6. martyd

    4Rt Spark Plug

    Thanks for the replies Easy started cold just a bit of s bugger yo start hot Marty
  7. martyd

    4Rt Spark Plug

    Is there a better plug than the std ngk for the 4rt? Iridium or the like? Cheers
  8. Cheers Charlie Ill google it to see if i can get pics of it Many Thanks Marty
  9. Guys i am after a modern Rigid frame for a villiers 8e Is there anyone making such a frame or is it just me thats mad!! Cheers
  10. I use it but changed to dimple plates at the same time Made a super job of it!!
  11. martyd

    Forks Damper Rod

    Thanks Woody I'll troll the net in search of a 305 parts book Cheers
  12. martyd

    Forks Damper Rod

    Hopefully this makes it clearer
  13. martyd

    Forks Damper Rod

    Thanks Woody I'll sort done photos tomorrow
  14. martyd

    Forks Damper Rod

    Guys would anyone have a diagram of the dapmer rod assembley? Not sure which model as some has fitted them to Trick pre 65 forks Seems to be 2 different set ups Thanks Marty
  15. martyd

    300Cc 4Rt

    Thanks Presume that there is little or no difference between the mitani and s3 kits/ Going to try a exhaust and remap first i think Marty
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