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  1. The rear shock seems to be fine. just needed a bit of adjustment.. All I was asking for was clarification on which way to turn the dampening screw for less rebound. Bike works great.. Thanks for all the replies
  2. Standard with the Tech shock
  3. I get that and have been riding for a long time.. This rear shock is too fast on the rebound.. I have a new Scorpa and it is slower and works better .
  4. Hello I have a new 2017 TRS. Rode it for the 1st time today and the rear shock is VERY springy (not much rebound dampening) I checked the manual and it does not show much about this adjustment.. Just tells you there is one. I adjusted the allen screw (went extreme both directions) on the ride today and the screw does not seem to make much difference. Anybody have experience on how to make this rear shock rebound slower? Thanks
  5. Again.. After the Dunlop failures.. I installed a brand new Mich on the same rim without issue... Seriously, it seems that there may have been a bad batch of D803's.. Afterall.. there are a few others on here with the same issue.. But, thanks for all the good tips on installs.... No big deal.. just seeing if it was a common thing... I was excited to run the D803's, they seem like they would be very grippy, but it seems I will not get the chance
  6. I have installed countless tires and am confident in my method.. Like I said, the IRC and Michelins go on this rim just fine without issues.. it is only the Dunlop that is causing me grief.. same method used with all of them
  7. I just called Dunlop Tire's Claims dept. to ASK if there have beenany issues on their end. They, rudely, told me that there are no issues withthe tire and that I am the only one who has ever called in regarding this.. So, I guess it is back to Michelin Tires for me.. Wasted 2 Dunlops trying to install them. The Michelins go right on.. I would suggest that everybody think twice about the Dunlop tire.
  8. Thanks Guys.. Just to be clear.. it is not the seating of the bead, once it is mounted, that I am having issues with. It is actually installing the tire on the rim without damaging the bead area... It seems the ones I have are just a tad undersized and are near impossible to get on the rim without bead damage.. Once on, they will seat up fine, but, of course, they leak at low pressures, because the bead is damaged.
  9. I have 2 new Dunlop D803 Tubeless tires and it seems impossible to mount these without tearing the bead.. It appears that they are just a tad undersized. Has anybody else had any isses with the D803 and getting them mounted without ruining portions of the bead area? I have installed dozens if Michelins without issues but this is my 1st Dunlop and I am struggling.. Just curious as if anybody else has had issues with this tire? Thanks
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