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  1. Zoke mountain bike fork springs are the same as the trials bike forks. You could try a bicycle shop.
  2. mung

    R vs RR vs Gold

    The shock and front brake are what I notice on my gold. The front brake is a full on factory brake. We ride a good percent of the time on sticky rocks and it is amazingly strong with one finger. The shock soaks up anything and gives great traction. In sloppy conditions the bike could be a handful.
  3. Official competition trials tires are very specific in the dimensions allowed. 400-18 and 2.75-21 are what is allowed. You might want to check out "trail" trials type tires because more sizes are available because there are no restrictions.
  4. Some engine hour meters also have a rpm function. If you have to know the actual idle number that would be a easy and cheap way to do it.
  5. If you are going to ride trials - don't bother. I am 6-5 with 38 inch inseam and stock is best.
  6. After three Gassers since 94, a 19 300 Gold appeared in the garage last fall for a retirement present. It is way beyond my skills but wow, what a bike to ride and just look at.
  7. mung

    Linkage Play

    Most of my movement is also in the lower shock bushing. The rest seem snug as they should be.
  8. All of my bikes have had them for 50 plus years, never had a problem.
  9. mung

    Linkage Play

    My 19 Gold with 30 minutes ride time and newly greased has twice the play of my 12 gasser with hundreds of trials. Seems kind of odd.
  10. I am only 6-5 and I used to do the bar riser thing. Now I leave it stock and ride better for it. I am 65 years young.
  11. Good suggestion, thanks.
  12. Thanks for the info. Have seen there stuff but have not dealt with them personally. Mark
  13. I have had my Alpina 138 since new and for my first retirement project I am going to refurbish it. Would like to put an electronic ignition with lighting coil and hopefully use the stock flywheel. What would be your recommendations for such a unit? Reliable and easy install would be nice. Thanks, Mark
  14. Stu, Fat,old guys with new gear really are a fun bunch. Wait till you are fat and old - you will probably be be wearing new gear to.
  15. Do not know where you are in Idaho-I am in St. Anthony and I just bought a new trialer. I kept my last one (12 300 GG) if you want to try one out. It still looks new. Give me a ring. Mark
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