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  1. I am only 6-5 and I used to do the bar riser thing. Now I leave it stock and ride better for it. I am 65 years young.
  2. Good suggestion, thanks.
  3. Thanks for the info. Have seen there stuff but have not dealt with them personally. Mark
  4. I have had my Alpina 138 since new and for my first retirement project I am going to refurbish it. Would like to put an electronic ignition with lighting coil and hopefully use the stock flywheel. What would be your recommendations for such a unit? Reliable and easy install would be nice. Thanks, Mark
  5. Stu, Fat,old guys with new gear really are a fun bunch. Wait till you are fat and old - you will probably be be wearing new gear to.
  6. Do not know where you are in Idaho-I am in St. Anthony and I just bought a new trialer. I kept my last one (12 300 GG) if you want to try one out. It still looks new. Give me a ring. Mark
  7. Look up "Motoventures" in Southern California. Great terrain to ride and they know what they are doing. Fly into San Diego.
  8. Stood next to Dougie at the Arizona world round - had to look down to see him.
  9. Have had both - both work very well with a slight advantage in plushness to R.Both have been reliable. For service O has it all over R. 200 bucks for a basic service at one place in NA is lunacy.
  10. mung

    1997 jtx 250 help

    A little late but maybe think about this. BPR is an NGK. Going from a 5 to a 7 is two ranges colder. If you are fouling plugs with a 5, the 7 will be worse. If you are fouling plugs on a trialer there is some other issue than the plug that you need to fix. Good luck.
  11. I found that most if not all parts on the trials forks are the same as zoke mountain bike forks. Parts in the US can be had at Marzocchi USA. Give that a go.
  12. The thing about gearing a bike down is that yes it does go slower but becomes considerably more responsive so really, have you gained much? You could then use second gear for section work. But if you are going to do that why not leave stock gears and use the clutch like it is meant to be used?
  13. Finally wore the gear in a trial last weekend. Overall this is good stuff. Pants- fit very good and very nice ,breathable material. Knee pads are in the right spot and even though I did not test them they look and feel very protective. Buckle and zipper on waist is high quality and has a wide range of adjustment.Fit is much slimmer than off road gear but nowhere near the skin tight suits. Jersey feels like heavier material than most jerseys but is very light and breathable. Cuffs and collar are comfy. Even though the pants and jersey are very, very good the gloves are on the next level. Very comfy and the feel is almost like no gloves at all. The one piece of material on the palm goes from the finger tips to the wrist with no pads, stitches or anything else.Very nice feeling with about 5 minutes of break in. This should end up being popular gear.
  14. Low,standard and high compression heads are available. Oddly enough the "standard" comes stock.
  15. Have 38 waist ,the 38 pants fit perfect. Normally wear 3x in Klim gloves but the 2x fits good. I am 6-5 and 240 and the 2x jersey fits well.
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