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  1. I have 18 Vertical 300 and the bike is very mellow.Normally I would buy 250 but the verticals are smooth from factory.I added the fajardo pipe to pickup more bottom end.
  2. I have the same problem when I got my new 17 250 raga. i was out of possible adjustment,different oils and bleeding the system 10 times as well new master cylinder and nothing helped.My importer take the bike and said he replace the whole clutch assembly but the bike did never have the clutch working good and always drag. On the end I sold the bike.
  3. Not really.Battery for em with good quality cells can be make with $700-800 range for top notch cells and bms. if the price of cells drop even to half it will not make it difference in thousands like expect to be. Electric trial market have small customer desire that’s why the price is so high
  4. gu9cci


    I have both bikes and the Vertigo have 5 minutes of use. What I notice right away the Vertigo is so easy to wheelie.I did not did much of nose wheelies because I suck at those.
  5. Did you check the spark plug color with the jetting? mine was diary black/too rich
  6. I went back to 11 and love it.
  7. I do every 3 rides including filter it is inexpensive healthy insurance for my bike. If people start cry about cost of oil change I don't think they can afford the moto in first place
  8. I did the mistaken following the manual and 900 ml is way too much Im around 700ml.I suggest pour 600ml in and then ad slowly till you hit bottom of the window.Start the bike and warm it up and let it sit after shut of for couple minutes and then fill to half window hope this help
  9. Ok i adjusted the float in carb and bike is running perfect. starts first kick hot without hot start.
  10. Thanks for sugestions I will try this weekend
  11. Hi i got 17 evo 4T factory and every time my bike die on little hill it always spits fuel from carb on ground.Also it's very hard to start when hot afterwards. should I adjust the float bowl or do the billy mod? jetting is 130 main and 25 pilot fuel screw out 1.5 thanks
  12. Ok thanks i misunderstand that
  13. Also you give me specs for "your " elevation. Im at sea level and you?
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