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  1. Hi, Does any know if a trials bike will fit in a SWB VW Transporter T5 / 6 Kombi (i.e with 2 rows of seats) with the VW ABS plastic (Motexion) Bulkhead fitted behind the rear seats? Got a T5 just now and a single bike fits ok diagonally without the bulkhead, but can't find any info on the load space with one fitted. Thanks in advance for any info provided.
  2. Great weekend at this years Highland Classic 2 Day - Thorpe Edition trial held at Alvie. Weather was kind again this year! Links to my photos: Sat: https://www.flickr.com/photos/83925364@N00/sets/72157644672646567/ Sun: https://www.flickr.com/photos/83925364@N00/sets/72157645087255285/ Sorry, not many photos taken on the sunday due to back marking duties!! Hope you enjoy Rick
  3. Some of my photos from the Highland Classic 2 Day trial can be found here: Sat: http://www.flickr.com/photos/83925364@N00/sets/72157634031817433/ Sun: (links also posted on IDMCC website). Hope you enjoy.
  4. Hi Photoboy, The starting procedure i used for my rev3 was: 1 open fuel tap 2 open choke (only required on cold days, would often start without) 3 throttle closed (i think that full throttle shuts of the fuel completely - but i could be wrong) 4 find compression on lever, kick hard as possible / repeat - giving small blip on throttle until it fires 5 blip for couple of seconds and shut the choke (if used). 6 then ride... If that doesn't work i would whip the carb off and give it a good clean. Good luck.
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