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  1. When Considering Engine mods you might consider looking at RCR Villers on the net. I have used electronic ignitions,185cc conversions & clutch lightening items to very good effect on a D14B Bantam. Where did you get the swingarm & rearloop subframe very nice.
  2. I use a system on my 185 Bantam I think it's the best out there. It uses a heavy rotor to create a flywheel mass effect. Try looking at website RCR Villiers.
  3. Not entirely sure who you mean. However I own & ride a Bantam trials in that area & almost certainly have gone through the same problems locating parts. I may be able to put you on to a few contacts depending on what you are looking for. If this helps feel free to contact me.
  4. Not sure if this of help now. But Have seen a demonstration of some very light filter oil called "No Toil" looks very easy to use. I know a rider that uses it in all his trial bikes & swears by it. I have found a stockist but have yet to try it myself.
  5. sensi

    Montesa 200 Parts

    Hi I currently own a 1981 Montesa Cota 200 & have an original sales manual. The engine exploded view does not show any head gasket present. I have never had the head off mine so none the wiser.However, it does show either a very thick base gasket or base spacer that i would be interested in determine thickness. Parts for this bike are difficult to find, the sources already mentioned other than Sandifords are the only sources that i have found. I could photocopy manual if you like & will try to Email a phone number or something.
  6. Thanks for all your help. I am trying to fit the fork set to a Bantam. I have got the forks apart. All parts shot blasted. Next hurdle is to determine what steering bearings to use. Not sure what the montesa used, looks like cup & cone like sammy miller sells? Difficult to find possible taper bearings that might fit the Bantam or Montesa. Thinking of trying to use the complete fork set as is or I understand the trick is to press fit the bottoms into period truimph heavy duty forks or something. Bit stuck at the moment also trying to source the montesa lip seals 7.5 x 42 x32 mm. In case you throw your hands up in horror that I am ruining a perfectly good set of montesa fork,s I do also own a montesa 200 so can't be all that bad.
  7. Hi Wayne Many Many Thanks, Job Done.
  8. Many Thanks Just as well you stopped me before i went much further, i will try to "unscrew" the top portion of the bottom of the leg. This should certainly do the trick, the drawing is of great help. Should still prove interesting getting these off, as there are no flats on this item to get hold of.
  9. Can anyone tell me how to get some early Cota 123 -27M front forks apart. This set have small round steel bottoms. I have released the bottom bolt removed the top cap, springs & damper rods. I have unclipped the fork seal circlip & inserted a dummy rod in the bottom axle eye. Then carefully laid the fok bottoms in the vice using the axle to stop fork leg being pulled out of the vice. Using the tried & tested hammer action on the stanchions including the use of heat around the fork seal area - nothing moves. Finally one fork seal popped with the heat but still can not split forks apart. Any ideas?
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