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Sherpa 199


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Yes Mr Greeves, very very nice indeed! Mouth watering! Beautiful. I had a model 199 in 1977 (ASG 811S) new but I had the left foot gearchange then and kept to this set up when I bought my blue 199A which I still have now. The only problem I had with the model 199 was a fine white sand in the fuel which was caused by the welding flux from the alloy tank we had for the UK market. One phone call to my friend Jock Wilson at Comerfords and he knew exactly why my bike was running weak!

I hope to see this bike of yours soon!

Best wishes...

Big John


Thanks Mr. BigJohn. Coming fom you this are very nice words to read. This tank is the plastic original one used in the spanish market, cleaned 1000 times. No problem to put left foot gearchange in this one or in a 199A or 199B.

This is my favourite Bultaco model, as it is the first Bultaco I used, and the one I used in the 1977 Spanish Junior Championship Final in El Paular, a beautifull place on top of the mountains north to Madrid. I look forward to see you soon here.

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Thank you all. TooFastTim: I am a little lazy and too chaotic to be able to take pictures during the restoration. I have got this photo from the bike when I bought it, it is the white and blue one, that somebody painted very roughly, sharing space with a 199a and some wine.

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