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  1. 2fargone

    The Last Bultaco

    So when did the last 199B leave the factory. Or should I say when did the doors shut for good.
  2. 2fargone

    The Last Bultaco

    Interesting topic. Just out of interest how accurate are the akront date stamps on the rims? This must give an indication of when they left the factory irrespective of frame numbers.
  3. Yes, I haven't seen many. They did crack in no time as you say, but the bike has done nothing from new so that's obviously why.
  4. Ibhbul (Woody, Do you recall the original (at least here) piece of pressed alloy front fork brace/fender mount on mod 92?) Hi All, Just been reading this post with interest as I am in the process of fettling up a few of my Bultos, I took a picture of my front mudguard brace as I think it is the one Larry is referring to. You don't see many these days and it is a real work of art, much like the ones Beta and Montesa used for a while. Cheers, Blackie.
  5. Just out of interest, let me know how you go on starting it and how it runs. I know they aren't the most powerful of bikes, totally gutless to be fair but they are a lovely looking bike with the smaller wheels. I guess the Lobito which preceded this model was only designed as a small Trail type bike and as such they go very well when you get them moving. Good luck.
  6. No everything is correct with the yokes. It's the top yoke lock nut that is the problem. If you look closely on one of the pictures it shows the whole top yoke assembled wrong. They are now assembled correctly and that's what is causing the confusion.. Could be wrong....usually am.
  7. Here here, the all round coverage has been first class, the results, the interviews, the Videos were incredible. Much obliged to you all from someone who couldn't be there to see it. Special 1st Class awards all round.
  8. Also, the measurement between top and bottom yoke is 130mm or 5 1/8" in old money.
  9. My suggestion is that the forks were assembled incorrectly before you got the bike leaving the marks that you can see. The top lock nut looks to be about that thickness from memory and if it has been under the top yoke instead of on top it would allow the stantions to move up higher in the bottom yoke. Here's a pic of a 156 showing the same amount of crossmarks/knurling as you have.
  10. 2fargone

    5 Or 3 ?

    I know my opinion isn't worth a ****e to anyone but I will say this, there used to be a rule about making a 'bona fida' attempt at a section and not just giving up at the first sign of difficulty....which has been witnessed a lot and to me that is down to the rider. Also all trials riders out there should learn a lesson from this that every mark is worth fighting for, it is very easy to accept defeat when the going gets tough but DONT, said rider had no idea what score he was going to get given but he fought like hell and got that bike out of a position that looked nigh on impossible to me. The observer gave him what he thought, and as such that is where it ends. Don't point fingers at him or her, they are out there in all weather doing a job many people wouldn't be paid to do. They are volunteers and should be commended not criticised. Long live the Scottish 6 Days,
  11. Great picture, as are all of your photos through the decades. Rider looks like a certain Frank McMullen?
  12. Well the the most important point is the gearbox, the genuine Gaunt Suzuki's had a high and low box which was particular to that bike and the reason that engine was used. I do have a factory brochure if I can find it and that should help identify it for you. ....I did see "one" for sale recently but it was far from a genuine article.. Hope yours is!
  13. Well done to the lad....what an achievement, his journey home will be a sweet one. Keep it/em up .
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