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Where Is The Crazy Video Clip ?


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I remember seing a post with a link to a Trials Bike video clip of some nut

riding a bike over cars and such in a city setting . . I can't find it again . . anyone know the site of the clip . . the guy was riding on the face of a dam in it also . .


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Awesome vid

The riders -

Arthur Coutard

Fred Crosset

Julien Dupont

I don't know Arthur Coutard, although Coutard is a famous Trials name.

The other two however I met. Fred Crosset is Belgian, did pretty good on the european circuit a few years ago. His elder brother Daniel used to ride World Rounds and was a very good rider.

Julien Dupont is French. I met Julien whilst training in France with Martin Crosswaite and Mark Harries. We shared accomodation and he trained with us. He couldn't speak any english and we didn't speak any French but he was a good laugh all the same!

He was a promising youngster but got booted out of the french accadamy that thiery Michaud used to run. Something to with smashing up an alarm that had been going off all night outside thier hotel.

Crosser - if you are reading this do you remember Julien reading that magazine out load when we were trying to get to sleep?

My lasting memory was Julien saying "my name is Julien Dupont - remember my name" - he was sure he would be famous one day!!

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NOTE: If this is the video I think it is (which I'm petty sure of) then it is NOT safe for family viewing. The soundtrack contains extreme swearing. Shame the spoiled what is a great video with a crap soundtrack.

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