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Fantic 307


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Can anybody point me towards a simple diagram for the wiring on a 1989 Fantic 307.

Also, how do I pull the flywheel & weights off? Does the LT leads create a spark near an earth like the old points systems did - 'cause it doesn't. Is there a likely culprit for no spark? I have replaced the HP lead & plug & as mentioned tried to get a spark from the HT lead & the LT lead, but with no luck on either. I am in Brisbane, so experience on these things down here is limited.

Any help is appreciated.

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Thanks, but I've tried that.

Tried disconnecting the cap & putting the HT lead near to the cylinder head - didn't spark.

Tried putting the LT lead near to the cylinder head - didn't spark.

I'm trying to get the flywheel off to see if the connections there are OK, but I'm not sure how the pointless system works, so I'm looking for a simple wiring diagram to explain.

As mentioned, all help is appreciated.

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I have found this wiring diagram on my computer, obviously it is the green white & red wires you are interested in the rest aren't really needed. The White is ground, red is power, green is trigger, I think the figures in the top right are resistance readings for the power & trigger coils. If you get stuck Bill Pye at Frankfield Fantic is always very helpful (+44 1642 722 378) You need a puller with a 32 x 1.25 thread to get the flywheel off.

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Hey Dave P

If you are in Brisbane maybe we should get our heads together, I'm in Brisbane as well and I own four Fantics, 1 x200, 1x 240 and 2x 305's.

I've never seen a 307 around here, just a few 240's

I've got various parts and owners manuals that you can copy.

If you want to call me my number is 07 3203 8555 or mobile 0418 354023, I live at Scarborough


Twinshock (AKA Roger Galpin)

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