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Pre-65 Sort-of Results....


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Theres been alot of moaning from lots of different people about the results not being availiable for the Scottish Pre-65 so Im going to tell you what I know....

Please note, this is NOT official and there may (and probably will) be mistakes! also, names will probably be spelt wrong!

So here goes....

1st - Paul Hayes

2nd - Neil Gaunt

3rd - Robin Luscumb (spelling?)

4th - Carlos Casas

Womens 1st - Vicky Glover

Best Newcomer - Norman Sheperd

Best Over 60 - Dave Thorpe

Best Over 350cc - Len Hutty

Best Under 350cc - Scott Dommet

Best Up To 250cc - Leslie Winthrop

Best Up To 200cc - Chris Milner

Best Performance Day 1 - Paul Hayes

This is all I know and I hope it could satisfy some of you for the time being! feel free to correct me if im wrong...

All the best


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thanks for the update Tom!

I believe Pauls surname is spelt Heys and if that is the case well done to the lad he certainly came from left field with that ride. his most recent P65 rides and results are below and wouldnt hint at him winning the premier event ( he did last week though trounce the clubmen at a bolton modern trial on his cub) many congratulations.


http://www.redroseclassictrials.org.uk/results.html event on 11th of jan

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Hi Guy's

Hi Tom ,

Thanks for that, at least someone has shown an intrest in keeping us Old Blieters, informed.

And the best wishes to Paul on his win. Another rider from the "best trials club in the country", not my words, but very true. just wished i lived up there, perhaps i should move.

Regards Charlie. Ps would they want me though.

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