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Mota Event Rose City 2 Day!


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Just wanted to chime in and say hi to everyone. Also to apologize to everyone for not being in attendance on the event weekend. A death in my family kept me away. I have been really out of the trials loop all season long due to many other things, but primarily it was all of the work and time to chair the first enduro by the Bent Wheels in 8 years. It was great sucess. All that being said, I will be at several events between now and the end of the season. Yes the Sherco is STILL in pieces, but might get put together between now and Sunday...which means I might make it to Windsor!. If not, Metamora is a sure thing. I miss everyone and wish I could have been in Rose City last weekend. Thanks to those who worked and rode!

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Biff took some great footage of the event on Sunday. I am currently editing for a DVD and will have that available to anyone who wants one. Until then I will be putting clips up on youtube.

looking on those videos, might it be that it was slightly muddy? :huh:

If there is a dvd (or will be in the future) I'd like to have one and see all the MOTA folks! (Biff and Zippy will know how to get a hold of me in Europe)

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