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  1. Hey JR, Glad to hear you had fun out there. I have offered a job as a minder to Biff already. Might be ending in divorce, though, with my unnecessary dabs... ;-) -Martina
  2. While it's getting darker out there and the Trials season winds down, I'm sitting in the Garage and wonder if I'm the only victim of more and more LEDs failing in the headlamp? I ride a 2012 250 Pro. Unfortunately it seems the insert (circuit board) is not available as a spare part, but can only be replaced by a complete new headlamp . Thinking abut good old times (when I could replace a light bulb for next to nothing) won't help. Has onyone found a solution to keep the lamp? I'm thinking about trying to figure out which LED type to solder onto the existing circuit board etc... Keep your feet on the pegs - Martina
  3. fanticmatze


    I can agree with guys, I also swapped the Formula (clutch master cylinder) for AJP.
  4. Copemech, I have been busy riding Trials, not much time for surfing the web. Translation was good enough for me to get the meaning. Take care!
  5. When I returned from Michigan to Germany, that was the way for me to ship my Scorpa: disassemble and send it as UPS parcels. Cheaper than to ship a whole bike. And a fun task to re-assemble... If you are going for a new bike anyways, it doesn't matter too much. Finding a used bike was harder for me when I moved to the US, less bikes to choose from than in Germany.
  6. Yep, Biff, come on, start preparing, have fun!
  7. Whow, since I left Michigan, riding trials is getting really expensive, if I get some threes and not only fives... Zippy, what about a discount, get five threes for the price of four or so??? At the moment I'm busy with collecting my fives in Europe, so I won't jump across the pond 2 ya.. Oh, and there was that thing called work to fill the gaps between events I hope you have fun @ Bent Fenders!!!!!
  8. Zippy, why would you want to ride youth? Look at that picture and I only read that youth will be harder ..."than advanced" was being missed when posting Hope you all have fun at Michiana!!!
  9. looking on those videos, might it be that it was slightly muddy? If there is a dvd (or will be in the future) I'd like to have one and see all the MOTA folks! (Biff and Zippy will know how to get a hold of me in Europe)
  10. Hey Biff, maybe the crocodile in the swamp had to eat your FlipFlop so it wouldnt't starve to death when no Trials riders were available (no,before anyone gets scared: There was the idea of the swamp section 2 years ago and well, we thought that it was a nice idea to put a tiny croc in te swamp for the event- the sort of stuffed play thingy, not a monster that eats trials riders for breakfast!!!) Hope everyone has an awesome event @ Bent Fenders, it's a small, but nice property!!! Have fun!!! Zippy, you're well enough to walk, build sections and check yet?
  11. I'm glad to hear everyone had a blast over at Sam's... And I'm sad I was not there... but I had also an event that weekend and roughly 4500 miles away... But whenever I visit the next time I'll see that I'll make it to an event! Zippy, I like the look of the bike in the tree! Good idea for crowded Europ to save parking space right now temperature is over 70 in Germany and sunshine... awesome trials weather!!! (in fact so good that I even went to practice downhill!!)
  12. Just wanted to wish everyone an awesome event!!! If I did not already have 2 events at one day and flights were cheaper and Scorpa was a carry-on and... I'd love to come and play with you! But anyways, I'll think of which one of my events I'm gonna ride (ene mene Scorpa go, take the checker by his toe, if he cleans then let him go, ene mene mine moe) and cross my fingers for an fr... fu... awesome event at Sam's property!!!
  13. So, finally find time (between all the riding and working on the bikes) for adding a reply from Europe: I've been riding pretty much every weekend this year so far. Sometimes pretty chilly (20F) but the campfire just has to be big enough or I'm warming my fingers/ icicles on the exhaust after every section... and besides that, just wear warm enough clothes... or have an really good insulation in your body, the layer of fat workes for whales and the like pretty good Only problem is the frozen ground, never try to jump off and stick the handlebar in the ground to prevent the bike from sliding onto you- won't work (why might I know that ) @biff, zippy: It's cold in Germany as well, but WGASA?!! Everyone, have fun riding out there!
  14. I didn't participate at the training days, I just rode with some friends there, but might still be where you saw me. Or the Enon, OH national in 07 or checking the Luxemburg World round... or... just somewhere in the huge trials universe... @Zippy: they managed the oil level check on my plane without my help... and I arrived safe in Germany...
  15. I've been to the TTC last year Thanksgiving with friends of mine from GA. Or you saw me last year at the US national, where I competed?
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