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Mota Event Rose City 2 Day!


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We worked all day last Saturday riding sections in and the Mason family will be on the property all week long marking sections. Thanks to Jeremy and Keith using their many talents with a front end loader and a skid steer, we have a host of new and improved sections with lots of rocks that have been added. 10 sections each day and I believe only 4 of them will be used both days. This will be a great event for all classes. (We also have a new section that was an old basement and managed to get everybody in there.) Camping is of course available and plenty of riding for those that arrive on Friday afternoon.

Don't forget, Saturday starts at 12pm and Sunday at 10AM. Hope to see you all there, it will be worth the drive. - Don

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Its a mixed bag there. Dusty sand hills rocks and logs. It is unlike any terrain we ride on currently. Apparently we will have more rocks this year from what i have heard.

If its hot on saturday i am heading over to the rifel river state park to go swimming which is not that far away.

Bring the mopeds cause the restarunt is right around the corner!

There is also a bar/hotel/bowling alley right on the property if your board. (doubt it)


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WAIT! I am a tool! I forgot that I had pictures and videos from last years event online.

Here is some of the terrain to expect.







And some you tube videos...

There are more up there on both my photobucket (biffsgasgas) and my you tube (Teamwgasa)


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You guys did a great job of making things as good as could be under less than ideal conditions. To make me have fun in that much mud not a small thing. Thanks for a great weekend! Now, who wants to help me get all the mud outa my bikes and clothing?

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I would like to congratulate the East Side Club Crew for setting out an amazing, wonderful, challenging and fun event. And then Mother Nature decided she did not like that event and gave us a HUGE amount of rain.

So in the spirit of trials the East Side Club reconfigured the sections (Sat. morning I believe) so they would be rideable and fun, Taking into account what mother nature gave them to deal with they did very well coming up with a good event. It is just a shame that we could not ride on the hillsides.

Slipping and sliding was the order of the day, I did at one point wonder if I was supposed to be laying on my back looking at the sky that much. Firstgear this is your cue to post that "this is what 2nd place looks like" pic. I had fun on Sat. was a good time.

Sunday did not work too good for me, I had to DNF when my bike decided it did not want to have the coolent stay in the radiator. Doggone thing overheated with the fan running and the radiator clear through the fins. Well time to check the water pump.

Trials riders are tougher than Baseball players........we don't quit for rain. And we get paid A LOT less.

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Great Event!

Extreme fun in the mud, 2 day events are a great time.

I must apologize to my club for letting them down by not signing up for team points on Sunday. The good news is my passport arrived today and I retrieved it out of the jaws of my Big Dogs in the nick of time, any packages left on the porch are fair game, So Canada here we come!

Are top riders GasGas is in top running order once again, so watch out class.

As far as Bender appearing in my YouTube vid, all I can say is, Floozybots!

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