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New Bike, Yamaha Vs Aprilia


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So the two bikes:

1997 Yamaha TYZ 250


1993 Aprilia Climber 280

So many people are bashing one or the other, its a very tough decision.

The yamaha is more expensive first of all.

The Aprilia is a tank, heavy, bulletproof. Maybe not the best beginner bike?

Yamaha is more moden and lighter, less CC, i would think this is better...and you would think the parts are easy to find...

however I am getting very mixed reactions to both.

-Aprilia heavy

-yamaha didnt sell well, is dated compared to Aprilia (really? its newer..)

Is the yamaha really behind the times compared to an older Aprilia?

Is the Aprilia a better buy all around? more potential, more competitive, etc?

Thanks for the input!

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well its tough to find bikes in ontario...

i have found a 1990 beta rev 0 for under 2grand, the aprilia is just over a grand and the yamaha is 2000...

so its really tough...1997 motesa $2800, 2003 motesa 3800...seems to be quite the niche market here for trials...not much demand not much product.

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I owned one of the TYZs and it was bulletproof for the 7 years I owned it. It was 3 years old when I bought it too! So I would spring for that one. The Aprilia is really going to be hard to find parts for in Canada. I am on the west coast and I have not heard of anyone having Aprilia parts for many years. Don @ Cascade Motorsports

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So i really am lost now, i hear both the aprilia and yamaha are dated and arent meant for hopping around on...

correct me if im wrong, im a newb here but i want a bike that is modern/geometrical/light enough to hop and stall...

If the aprilia is too much of a trail/hill climber and same with the Yamaha then I will go for something else.

Unfortunately here in ontario the selection of 1997-2003 bikes is almost zero...some 2003+ are $3000 CAD or more...its unreal compared to USA prices.

I found a 2003 Gas Gas txt 280 pro, i can have imported for just shy of 3grand...id hate to have that as my only option, but from what i hear thats more than enough bike.

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So i really am lost now, i hear both the aprilia and yamaha are dated and arent meant for hopping around on...

As a beginner that isn't what you should be worried about. You've still got to learn the basics.

Not really true by the way. Both were available at the time when hopping was becoming popular but there is no way you can compare with modern tackle. Even the difference between a TXT and a Pro is substantial if you're hopping.

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I hear you guys, but i just would prefer a bike i wont outgrow...id hate to get something that my skill level will quickly outgrow. as opposed to too much bike that will keep me challenged for years to come.

looking like the 1998 monty is the one...

but i will check out that group too.

thanks for the input!

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I hear you, and im sure id be fine learning on the climber or tyz, but investment wise they are a bad buy i figure...

also very dated.

like in the sportbike world, i bought a ninja 250 cause the resale is amazing, then bought an 08 ninja 250, both bikes sold for more than i bought a year later...(and i got bored with them in due time)

both were fantastic bikes, but then the next step was ninja 500 or zx6? it would have been dumb to go with the 500. resale low, easy to outgrow, not a performance machine compared to the zx6. So of course i went with the zx6...no way im outgrowing that bike, not a bloody chance.

im just still crying here, as the same bikes in the USA with shipping and import fees to canada are over $1000 cheaper...but then again id hate to buy a junker without knowing...

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