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How Do I Solve This Wheel Spacer Problem ?


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Both front and rear wheels on this Mecatecno im working on have spacers inside the mag hub which hold the bearings apart when the wheel in tightened up. You know the sort , its quite common.

The spacers slot inside of the bearings and stay in place that way , other wise they would rattle around inside the hub.

The wheel spindle is 17mm thick. The spacers that slot into the bearings increase the internal bore diameter to 21-22mm. I need bearings with this internal bore i cant seem to find them anywhere are quite a bit of searching.

My only other option is not to slot the spacers into the bearings.........but how do i keep them in place????.

Any ideas Here's hoping theres a simple remedy that im overlooking

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I made a similar set-up recently for a Scorpa wheel.

You could just turn down the ends of your original spacer to fit a smaller inner race bearing.

Or if the spacer is parallel all the way through, you could machine off the spigots and fit 'O' rings or something on the outside of the spacer to stop it moving round in the hub. That's what I did with my Scorpa one. It's the length of the spacer between the bearing lands that's important.

What's the numbers on the original bearings? These bikes were around in the mid 80s so it's unlikely that they used a bearing which is now obselete.

What's the OD of the bearing you need?

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Thanks for the suggestions so far.

Im fitting different wheels to this bike and the internal diameter of the old spacers are to small and they are to thin to be machined further

The spindle thickness is 17mm

Ive made up some new spacers that sleeve down at each end to 22mm. So i need nearing sizes 22 x 40 x 12 or 10/11/13

The simplest solution would be to find the right bearing which i thought i would be able to , but finding this size isnt proving easy.

The o ring idea sounds simple if i still cant find the right bearings after a few days ------the show must go on , as they say LOL.

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