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Txt Cooling Fan Motor Replacement


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After reading about the fan motors here i ordered the electric motot pictured below for my 1998 TX 320


When using the new electric motor do you thread the shaft where the fan blade goes? 


This electric motor is smaller in diameter than the original one so i must do something so the bracket that holds the motor/fan  will fit


Any good advice on how to do this? 


The original electric fan motor to the right and the new electric fan motor to the left


The picture furthest down is of the new electric fan motor
MFA motor RE540-1 4.5-15V (like G1788 trials bike cooling fan motor)




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Remove the bracket, you dont need that. The rest should just fit as it is. (for me it did).


You need to take the old one appart by using a hammer and a small pointer. Because the scews are underneath the fan. Hit it in the middle of the old motor shaft and the total motor will drop out, and that leaves you the parts you need for the new one. Put the motor inside the fanhousing with 2 scews and put the blade back on (just slide and push).


Solder the wiring and job done.

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The fan blade is held with a nut that is screwed on the shaft on my bike so what about the the fastener that sits on the old motor?

I will need that for putting the fan back on so it is placed in center as original and also threads on the shaft to attach the fan itself?


See the picture of the original fan for the bracket that is spot welded to the motor and the motor is scrwed on the radiator using 3 screws


Also see the white arrow of the threaded axle on the original fan motor



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I suppose that i can thread the axle so i can attach the fan blade and also make a bracket that will fit around the new electric motor 

The only thing is that i have to use plyers to hold the axle while i thread it



But that is some work so perhaps i rather buy a original radiator fan motor 





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For that models the motor is availavble loose, for the newer its a total new fan with plastic etc. Because the fan isnt detachable (officially)







And there might be others that could fit.



Or you could find a broken newer fan, with the non threated blade.

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I just put a fan motor for a Honda helix on my txt270 and it fits perfectly. The only difference is that the mounting tabs on the new fan are tapped rather than slotted for the rubber grommets. No need to press the motor out or anything, 30 minute swap and $40 for the brand new fan. This version comes with the same threaded d-shaft and same fan even.

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Where are you squirting the WD40 or oil when you hear the squealing noise?  I just recently started having this problem.  I looked at the fan on my 06 TXT 300 Pro and I don't see a good place to lube.  A few people have mentioned squirting it under a rubber cap but the rubber cap on the back of my fan just covers the electrical connection and doesn't have any moving parts under it.

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On 10/24/2010 at 11:12 PM, sectionone said:

Thanks for the money saving tip! I'm going to be doing this procedure soon. If the fan motor is squealing, is that a sign that it is ready to fail? My 07 fan has been squealing and I've been oiling the bushing which helps but I can still hear the fan motor winding down when I shut the engine off.

Where are you placing that oil?

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My fan died yesterday in my 2006 TXT Pro after oiling it.  I think the oil must have gotten into the brushes.  But the motor shaft bearing was toast anyway.   I ordered a replacement  but I had an upcoming ride and did not want to wait.  I had just received a $49 SPAL 4" pusher fan from EBay that was going onto my KTM 300.  I made a temporary fix by cutting out the supports for the fan motor on the shroud and wedging in the SPAL motor, fan and all.  The wiring connector was exactly the one needed for the Gas Gas.  So I added a few zip ties to additionally hold it in place.  It fit onto the bike just fine and works great. 


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