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  1. 07 270 Rev 3 With Unusual Crack?

    After seeing the pic and the thin wall thickness of the tube I would simply simply run a hacksaw through the crack, v it out tig weld it up, file it flat and bend a piece of flat ally around it and weld that to it to strengthen it up a bit / adding some extra wall thickness. Looking at it I'm not at all surprised its cracked, it's very thin and the loadings in that area will be high from torsional stresses. It won't take long for fatigue to creep in over time. I'm trained in tig welding and an engineer by trade, so that's how I'd do it - but I wouldn't have to pay someone to do it as I have all the tools so it wouldnt cost me anything to fix. if uou have a mate with a tig he'll fix it no problem for a minimal fee. You might find a cheap swing arm else where but if you plan on keeping the bike then a repair will be stronger than new swingarm in the long run. In fact I'd probably do both sides cause the other is bound to go soon too.
  2. 07 270 Rev 3 With Unusual Crack?

    Without seeing a picture - my initial thought would be to 'v' out the crack, weld it up with mutiple passes, then ream it out say 2mm larger and fit a permantly locktited steel threaded insert machined to the bearing o.d.
  3. Chain Pitch And Throttle Identification

    All parts available from Gas Gas motors uk (do web search). 520 chain - correct. Re: flywheel weight, most bolt on. My S3 flywheel weight on my 280 gasser is bolted in with 2 Allen key bolts, I'm fairly sure it's the sane on a 125.
  4. Txt 250 New Rings Or Piston As Well?

    If its running sweet leave it alone. If you really want to find out what the condition is I suggest you purchase / beg /steal / burrow a bore gauge and a compression tester. Your method of compression testing by bump starting down a hill is meaningless. I would suspect there is absolutely nothing wrong with your rings after 200 hrs. I'd be more concerned about the gearbox from all that bump starting!
  5. Newbie With A Broken Gas Gas

    Not saying you should do the same but I just used Gas Gas uk for my engine rebuild parts. Google their website. They will have 95% or more of the parts on the shelf ready to ship, they are very fast with their deliveries and you can have an account with them too which is nice (just quote your unique reference number and you can empty your wallet super duper quickly). You will likely pay more for the parts (genuine) and good service then other places but if you're lazy like me it's extremely convenient. You can source bearings from bearing manufacturers, pistons from piston 3rd party manufactures if you shop around and you can cut your own gaskets etc to save money, but it'll really hinder your time frame if you want to get it done quickly. It won't be cheap rebuilding your motor, I recall mine costing circa
  6. Cooling System

    Your fan is knackered. Use a groupner 500e motor to fix it. There's a thread on replacing a txt fan motor on the forum.
  7. Leaking Tyre - Rim Tape

    It's really not that hard to find. http://www.ebay.com/itm/230916001598?redirect=mobile 1-2ml per spoke nut approx. Buy a 250ml tin. You will use it on so many things, very versatile product it really should be in everyone's tool kit.
  8. Leaking Tyre - Rim Tape

    Www.heldite.com It's a uk company. This stuff is what we use for all our diesel fuel lines at the engineering company I work for. It's also approved by the MoD. It has loads if uses though not just on pipes, very versatile chemical.
  9. Leaking Tyre - Rim Tape

    Simple fix: Remove tire from wheel. If needs be have your wheel trued and ensure all spoke nuts are tight. Use a brass wire brush to clean the wheel. Degrease the wheel Get a tin of Heldite jointing compound. Put a blob of it on each spoke nut. It will last years and years and years and years and years... It will never leak. Period. If you need to change a spoke no problem. You remove the tire as usual and scrape the Heldite off. Refit new spoke, tighten it to the correct torque setting (Tighten it till it 'pings' the same sound as all the others). Heldite also acts as a thread locker so they won't come loose. If you're wheel needs to be trued in future well it's not a job that any old Tom duck or Harry can do anyway. Just remove your tire, scrape off the Heldite and give it to your wheel truer. When you get it back re-seal with Heldite and continue trialling head ache and leak free for many more years to come. Tire bands are crap because: A). Rubber gets hard and porous over time which = leaks. when ally and steel are in contact together (i.e where a spoke connects) moisture present will cause electrolysis / galvanic action (corrosion) - it may not necessarily corrode near the spoke it could be anywhere on the wheel. C) wheel bands are expensive, anywhere from
  10. Waterproof Jacket

    Look at the alpine stars trials waterproof top. It's lightweight and cheap ish. http://www.trialsuk.co.uk/categories/alpinestars-waterproofs
  11. Late Model Wiring Diagram

    Not seen a diagram for the 2013 model but I no doubt suspect you will have ha cable coming up from the flywheel case via a ac/dc rectifier which goes to a 12 volt regulator. This will go on to supply the cooling fan and you can tap into this if there isn't all ready a spare terminal (that would normally be used for lights and instrument panel. Won't be too hard to find with a volt meter.
  12. Throttle Bearing

    Don't cut your spring. You will gain nothing except for a spring that is inefficient. Shortening a spring by cutting its coils off actually increases the spring rate! I can't understand why anyone would want to make a throttle lighter, they are light enough! You must have a cable problem or done other issue. How does the feel of your throttle compare to other bikes of the same type?
  13. Gas Gas 1998 Running For First Time In 10 Years

    Ps never uploaded a pic so I can't offer any advice. Would be nice though fella if you have the time like....
  14. Gas Gas 1998 Running For First Time In 10 Years

    Lol sorry Ben.. It's just that I started reading what was an interesting story of the restoration / re birth of a bike and how great it looks etc, when I finished reading I couldn't wait to see the beast in all it's glory, but in the end all i got to see was a tip of a mudguard and a bit of your "ahem" helmet . Sorry I have a really dry sense of humor is all 😃😃😃👍👍👍👍
  15. Gas Gas 1998 Running For First Time In 10 Years

    The bike err... It err. Yeah, "ahem!" looks fantastic mate. "Sniff, High five to you like.... 🙏 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏