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  1. I need sound new tools and a large ish chest I was wonder weather snap on I actually worth it or is machine mart or halfords ETC any good?
  2. How often should I change my fork oil on my sherco 125 2007 and what should I use
  3. One thing to check is your kill switch it could be stuck on try taking it off and see what happens
  4. My sherco 125 2007 won't start without choke even when slitly hot when it does start it revs very hard and fast then after the choke is turned off it slowly dies or if I rev it, it it revs very fast the just slowly dies so never really ticks over. Any advise would be great thanks
  5. I'm looking for a strong waterproof jacket that's pretty cheep (I'm not made of money :L ) and not to bright and colourful Thanks
  6. F#cking hell 120:1!! 50:1 does great. I mean do you want to fu# k your engine up or something
  7. Your boots are great your helmet is ok but would advise getting wulfsport helmet like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wulfsport-AIRFLO-Motorcycle-TRIALS-Open-Face-Helmet-/230642465434?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Helmets&var=&hash=item35b35cba9a And that's all you need plus gloves
  8. beta 250 jack 1998


    Oh thanks for raining on my parade I thought I was on a winer lol
  9. To me the Michelin hp4 sounds and looks the best for what u want
  10. I have to bleed my back brake on my sherco 125 2007 I kind of know what to do and my dad does to but any hints and tips would be great thanks
  11. All I can say is you have to start somewhere
  12. Thanks for that it has come off I have been knocking at it all morning with it covered in wd40 and tonight it just came off with some force but thanks.
  13. I'm trying to take off the rear brake master cylinder of my sherco 125 2007 but the bolts won't budge so was wondering whether they where a left haned thread or if not what is the best way of getting it off I have cover them with wd 40 and it didn't work.
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