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Txt Cooling Fan Motor Replacement


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I recently purchased a 2001 GG TXT 321 and soon found it had a burnt fan motor. After looking around and doing internet searches I found I could get a factory fan for $170 plus shipping and it would need to come from Europe. Found another guy in Illinois who had one for $150 plus shipping. Uhhh, no. After reading the post above it was off to Summit Racing and $50 and one day later had a Spal fan in my hands (love Summit's fast shipping!)

I removed the radiator and fan shroud assembly. Removed the shroud from radiator, then the fan. Looked at bolting the Spal to the existing shroud supports, but that wasn't going to work. Cut out the supports using a hacksaw and the round Spal fit perfectly in the hole left behind. I cut the factory plug off the old fan, cut the Spal plug off and used heat shrink connectors to attach the factory plug to the Spal fan. Drilled holes in the radiator shroud near the mounting holes for the Spal and used 4 zip ties to attach fan to shroud. Put it all back together and couldn't get the gas tank to fit back down in the frame. Plus the fan was really close to the spark plug boot, almost touching.

I needed to move the fan closer to the radiator. There was plenty of room for the Spal fan to sink down into the radiator shroud more; almost half an inch in fact. I took it back apart and I used a grinder and a file to cut notches in the shroud, allowing me to sink the Spal another 3/8" into the shroud. Also rotated the fan assembly in the shroud so the wires came out the bottom instead of to the right where the temp sender and radiator hose made clearance tight. Put it back together and bingo, everything fit great. Rode the bike around to heat it up and the fan cycles normally, no more overheating.

Used a Spal 4" puller fan, $50 from Summit Racing, 4 zip ties and some hand tools. Took about 4 hours to make the repair. Could probably do it in 2, but I was being cautious with everything.

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Alright I will had my two cents on this old topic, never know it might help a bit...


I got myself a second hand trs raga 2017 and realized that TRS (up to 2017 models) uses the same comex fan than older GASGAS TXT that caused problemes to friends of mine... during the lockdown doing slow stuff in my back yard my radiator went boiling... looked at it checked everything just to find out that fan would not spin any more under electrical power from the engine. further I got to plug in directly the fan's wires directly to a 12v battery with no success...

Finally after trying not hard enough i guess, since i could not get to secure my nail in position to hammer the shaft out,  so I grinded with a Dremel two opposite flat on the shaft and blocked it in a vice, didn't work properly but having it pinched with a vice grip plier I eventually and surprisingly easely got it to move while holding the fan in the other hand. After couples rotations, i had the shaft pushed in couples mm and could now place the nail in the bearing and hammer it out...

what i found out if a totally rusted electric motor, after having it put it appart and cleaning with proper electrical fluid, still no cookies, I guess the thing is toasted period! 

So now I am into this position whether I will buy a new complete fan for around 70 euros, or do the motor replacement since i already got it out now...

I might do both actually, so that I will have a spare in case something goes wrong with this bit, heard so many problems on gasgas with this part...


anyway i will let you here couples pictures in case someone has the same problems than myself


For your information, I found online quite cheap units (47€) which are coming from germany, my problems is that after shipping it comes merely below the price from trial retailers so not sure about it...

 here is the link if i am allowed if not I will erase it:







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