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Pre 95 Air Cooled Monoshocks wanted


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Dont quite know how i came to be involved in this one but do you have a Pre95 Air Cooled Monoshock ?

We are looking for owners who would like to come along to a test day somewhere to be decided in Derbyshire on June 10th. Your bike will be ridden and appraised by none other than Magical Mick Andrews and hopefully Nigel Birkett and the words and pictures will feature in Classic Dirt Bike Magazine. That is assuming we can get enough variety of bikes to test. So if you have a Air Cooled Gas Gas, Beta, Aprillia, Ty Yamaha, Montesa, Honda, Merlin etc etc etc please please pm me and i will try to collate everybodys details and arrange things.

I do let myself in for things LOL fingers crossed for a good response :thumbup:

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Hi, i would be up for that,i have a 1998 beta tr 34 which i use most weekends and still have great fun on.by the way the bike standard,please let me know if you want the bike asap thanks.

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Hi, Only just read your topic , I have a 1990 gas gas aire 325 and would be really interested but friday is a work day so big problems , is the 10th a definite ? Nick

Yeah mate 10th is the only day Mick and Nigel can do. Thanks for the interest though. We still could do with a really nice Fantic though.

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