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  1. Hi i recently had the same problem on my 151 tried pully extractor etc it would not budge,so took it to local garage who have gas welding kit ran the torch around for only a few seconds and it fell off. Regards Gary
  2. yes Some say a poor copy but i have never tried one myself
  3. I put a keihin PWK28 on my 325 Bultaco off of a 250 gas gas pilot jet 45 main 128 and it tranformed the bike.would have thought the jetting would be about the same for the susuki
  4. I have a Honda TLM 220 in good condition happy to let you use tried to pm you with my phone number but it won't send for some reason Regards Gary
  5. Dont really know what the problem could be only ever tried the shot gun cartridge decoke method on two strokes< only difference is i remove the reed valve and empty cartridge contents in there always worked really well,The only problem i have had is with the people behind me in the que's at the next trials.Gary
  6. Hi I would check the conrod is not bent and i think you can bore out by 2mm not 1mm check with dave at inmotion bultaco
  7. Hi Micheal Sorry i have put wheel back in bike.The 40mm measurement is with brake plate removed i put a metre steel rule across the gap then measure with another rule down to rim (hope this make sense)I have a later bultaco wheel in workshop i bought from auto jumble and that measures 40mm as well. regards gary
  8. Hi just built bultaco 151 rear wheel and the off set was 40 mm from brake side and i would imagine a 183 wheel would be the same Regards Gary
  9. Hi there is loughborough club which hold trials every month Tele Steve Harris 07968 283943 Or earl shilton trials club who have a practise ground you can use when a member 365 days a year Tele Gail 07815565285.Earl shilton have a trial at their ground this sunday if you want to have a look 10.30 start Regards Gary
  10. I had the same problem it turned out being the braided hose it was leaking inside the plastic sleave so there was no sign of fluid leaking i would bleed it and it was ok for a while then it would drag again If you look at the clutch hose and its a slightly darker colour than the brake hose then yours could be the same problem
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