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  1. noel063

    M10 Restoration

    Ford silver fox as in Ford 1600E silver
  2. Hi Woody I’m thinking of modifying the front section. I just need a silencer section and wanted to check. Thanks for your help
  3. The first sections differ between 250 and 350 and the bends can differ slightly. As long as the silencer is the same
  4. Does anybody know if the exhaust mid sections differ between 250 and 350 on m158 onwards.
  5. This kickstart mod looks well made. Think it was posted on the forum a few years ago
  6. Just tried it on the laptop and it came up fine
  7. Hi, try Bultaco Sherpa T350 Manuel Solar
  8. Google sherpamanuelsolar.blogspot.com there is info which may help. It’s definitely a cup and pin arrangement and not nuts
  9. You can always cut the tiller off and get an engineering shop to mill a flat surface for you. I used Suzuki dr bar mounts here
  10. noel063

    Piston Kit

    Give Kevin Breedon Racing a try.
  11. The swing arm bushes you have are original fitment and a right pain to remove. Upgrade them .
  12. noel063

    Engine Rebuild

    Guys can any of you recommend someone to rebuild my sherpa engine. I live in Bristol so somewhere in the south west. cheers in advance
  13. Paint technology has moved on since then. As mentioned above if you damage it then touching up is easier. In the end it's personal preference
  14. Have you thought about lowering the footpegs a bit as well.
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