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199A swing arm


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hi all ive just had my swing arm powder coated i took to brass sleaves out one in each side they had a lip one one side i got the swing arm off ebay there in good condtion but i need to know is the brass sleaves all i need? there was a rubber seal on the inside. i have anougther bult witch i restord.and i put a affer market rolling needel bearing kit in them witch work good but cant seem to get them anymore so if i can use these brass ones i can save some mony thanks bondy

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The brass sleaves are Ok in my personal view if they are in good shape, but they need some maintace.

a good grease filling which you will have to renew regulary.

If your sleaves have a groove at the outer side then you have to mount an additional o-ring at the outer side.

mounted on both outer sides and the small oil seals on the inner side.

The size of the o-ring is: bore: 24mm, diameter: 2mm

The size of the oil seal is: 24x32x4mm (type 199A) here: simply bearings

(seals for 199b, (inner oil seal is smaller here):


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hi all ive got the conversion kit on my other bult with are good but cant get hold of them anymore. so im trying to save money so if i can get away with using the brass ones that came out i will not had chance to look at them yet failing that bultaco uk do a copy made from ally cheers all for your addvice :thumbup:

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