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when purchasing a new gas gas everyone i speak to seems to receive different equipment. One person received the bike and lights others have recieved a handbook, tool kit and bum bag.

Anyone know exactly what you should get. I always have and will continue to support my local dealer but some guys buying imports seem to get a lot more kit than guys purchasing from a dealer. :o

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Not sure what is standard eqiupment in your part of the world , where ever that may be , you failed to mention that little detail.. However on every new GasGAS that leaves our shop (USA) the following is supplied with each New bike.

1. DVD maintenance disk (professional quality )

2. GG Bum bag with a few common hand tools

3. GG ball cap

4. A few posters, Raga, Tommi, Aaron, Bell

5. MSO certificate

6. GG handbook

The Headlight is always given to the customer, however we can and do set the bikes up for competitin if that is what the customer desires and in this case the headlight w/wiring harness and the stock hanldebar mounted control swicthes are removed and replaced with a kill switch and number plate.... and lastly a friendly and sincere good luck and have fun with your new bike.........D


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Mine came with - Bum bag and tools -


full lighting kit which included indicators

spare mudguard with proper number plate, don't think that will ever see the light of day till I sell it.

Bought from main dealer in UK

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HI, i got bum bag,tools,full lighting kit,spare rear mudgard,handbook,and a bucket full of information on these fine machines from w!!te br!!!ers.go to a good dealer and get superb expert information,trust me!.

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On mine(in Switzerland), all the electrics (lighting, speedo) were factory fitted, except the indicators (which came in a bag). I did think this was an EU wide thing(due to homologation),but maybe not...

I also got a "competition" (normal) rear mudguard as the bike came with one where a combined rear light unit/number plate mount were fixed on.

Other than that, just the handbook.

It's obviously a local distributor thing - I wouldn't mind a copy of that maintenace disk though. Any body care to lend me one so that I can, err, "look" at it? (or stick the contents on an FTP site somewhere??). How much does it cost - can it be purchased??


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