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  1. Hey JR, How's it hangin my man ? Fred is on house arrest and I'm keeping busy trying to keep one step ahead of the Feds.....Pimpin ain't easy !
  2. Of you are going yo live in NY, buy your bike in Pa. And save with no VAT....
  3. Too cool. Just watched the Japan Round. Great to see a World Round on the Telly....
  4. ha ha.."You are dreaming Sileo"..... I did once have a dream that it was actuallly in my garage but thats as close as I ever got to it............Great flashback Martin.........
  5. Cool pictures and article Martin. I think that Honda that Whaley is riding is in my garage.............
  6. Great to hear from you aswell Steve. Same here, getting old and watching my kids make their way in the World. I would love to host you and your family on your travels next season. If the schedule brings you two to the East coast you can plan on spending a few days with me and my family here on my Farm in PA...Let me know , this offer stands into next season and onward. Always happy to help a trails family on the road. Right Martin ? Martin has spent a few days here with me on the farm on a few occassions. Always a great time riding and hanging with Belair even when on the rare occasion he posts a lower score than me in one of our local events....
  7. Hi Martin and Steve, I am at home recovering from yet another major surgery, so I thought I would jump on to my favorite site and see what my pal's were up too. It's good to hear from both of you as well. I hope all is well with you and yours Martin and Steve. Setting sections is hard work. I have done it at a World, National and local level. No mattter how hard you work to make it perfect something or someone isn't happy in the end.
  8. "Martin is right the markers need to be smaller.And placed where they can be easily cleared"..........Belair is never right about these things.......What does he know about trials anyway.
  9. d. sileo

    Silver Dream Machine

    Can you tell where you purchased the exhaust system from ?
  10. d. sileo

    2012 4RT

    Just some BNG !! and it a bit ugly as well.............
  11. A proper bike indeed Martin. This one is the most fun to ride and you know i have a few really nice old bikes.
  12. CONGRAT'S RON....I own one of your amazing machines. Told me years to find a perfect example..I have it in line next to my honda's..
  13. If Martin is taking two, then count me in for two as well. Check in the mail today.
  14. great job by the Smage Bro's............Best of luck to them as they advance to Vegas.....
  15. d. sileo

    Beta 4 stroke

    Most likely the stator ...........least likely but worth checking a lose earth ground..........
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