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Scorpa Rev Pickup


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Hi there,

Ive got an 07 scorpa sy250 and wondered if I could do a few things to help with throttle response and pick up. Its no way near a gasgas or sherco of similar age and although I'm not expecting miracles it would be nicer to get it a little sharper.

Ive already advanced the ign. but have looked at three possible options:

Keihin flat slide (if it fits???)


Lightening flywheel (no idea by how much??)

Any help appreciated


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Maybey get yourself another bike and let some one else enjoy the sweetnes and tractabilety of the Scorpa?

The TYZ engine was build for a different kind of riding as a Sherco or a GasGas.

This engine works a treat for the Scorpa frame as the Scorpa SY was build for clubmen not to win the WTC.

Even the SR series with the Sherco Engine is less able to ride the stunts and hop around like the Sherco, Gas Gas or Beta.

It is more like a 2 stroke Montesa Honda, just build to last and enjoy.

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I know this sounds a bit silly, but did you check to see if you have a fast or slow throttle? Also, some people did some 290 kits on theirs. They aren't readily available or were produced by a specific company or anything, but it's something to look into

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