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  1. The same here. I had the chance to ride the Scorpa 300 side by side with the Sherco 300 and fell in love with the Scorpa! The Scorpa feels and rides much like my SY 250, but with a lot off more power, it climbs a small hazard almost out off it's own, just give it abit off stick! While the Sherco is realy nervous, the same engine, only the CDI unit is different. The whole bike feels different also! I don't feel comfy on the Sherco, for me it feels unstable and doesn't give a good sense for the steering. While the Scorpa feels good and stable and wants to go around corners the moment you think about it. The balance is even better than that off the old SY. You could have a cup off coffee while standing on the bike! In short, love it totaly. Maybey my next modern bike?
  2. janwillem

    Fantic 305

    Hi Russel, I'm a 305 owner myself, would like to hear from you when you have restored your bike. Thinking about some cosmetics work on my own bike aswel. The best tip i can think off for you is getting a coppy off the classic motorcycle at your newsagent. This magazine is full off adresses in the UK off specialist companys and they have section called you where asking. Otherwise a good adress for help might be Bob Wright, the UK Fantic specialist. Good luck and many happy hours with your restoration.
  3. I would like to see a simple bike that is afordable and no exotic materials. An engine like the Yamaha TYZ as it was used in the Scorpa SY, but maybe with 300 or 350 cc, so it has even more grunt way down below. For club events you don't need a lot off top end power like in modern bikes, i would like a tractor on two weehls! My ideal bike should be able to start out off a realy tight corner just on the clutch no throttle needed! For the frame, take a good look at Ossa, it is stable and steers like crazy! Maybe use a system off building blocks. Buy a basic frame, choose your suspension(simple or up to date/fancy stuff), choose your engine (80 to 350 cc), choose the engine caracteristics(flywheels etc.), lights or not, trick bits or not. Like this you could build the bike oyu would like to own.
  4. Are there anny specialist dealers for AC mono parts in Europe? i am looking for specific parts for a Fantic 305. Just mounting new footrests was a lot off work as i am trying to keep it as close to original spec as is posible. So this means no welding to reposition the footrests and as litle modern parts as posible. Personly i am a strong believer in keeping a classic original, i think that is part off the classic trialsport.
  5. Welcome to the club Great looking bike! I use a 100+ octane fuel for both my Scorpa and my Fantic, both machine seem to run smoother on this kind of stuff. For the Scorpa i use a premix off 100 to 1 as i don't let it work that hard, i'm not riding in WTC events. This means 50 ml of oil on 5 litres off fuel. The filter should be oiled as it is a so called whet filter. On the Scorpa you should clean it regularly, it gets dirty. i clean my filter at least every month and i ride a second bike besides my Scopra! Enjoy jour ride next saturday.
  6. Has anyone outthere seen the new Scorpa in the flesh already? I only have seen a few pictures off it, but you don't hear anytthing about delivery dates.
  7. Mounted a new chain and sprockets yesterday to my 305 and shortened the gearing a bit, 10 to 41, it was original, 11 to 39. What a difference this makes! sudently she will lift her frontwheel just on the throtle and she will crawl trough a section like she should!
  8. Hi Guys, Ordered the ticket for me and my bike today. Hope to see you and a beautyful event. It will be my first time at a WTC round.
  9. Hey Fantic 303, She is looking great, take good care off her. maybe you can post a link or an e-mail adress for Bmz and Bosisio? I am still looking for some original parts for my 305.
  10. Thanks for all the replys and great pictures! It will be the first wtc event i will ever visit, so hope it won't be canceld. The word overhere is that it will be organised and held by the same team and in the same location as the classic event at Awayle. This is run every year, so i have good hopes it will run. Hope to see you overthere this summer.
  11. Hey Fantic 303, Maybe you could let me know where and when you're going to tide it? I would love to see a section in action. Thanks.
  12. Can anybody tell me how i can get tickets for a WTC round? I would like to visit the WTC round in Belgium this year, but can't find any info on the web up till now.
  13. I've found a pair off Hebo neoprene gloves and they are realy warm. Last weekend i have ridden in a club event while it was somewhat colder and moist, no problems with the hands! It looks like i've got the winter gear together and it works. Thanks for all the tips.
  14. Recently put a Gecko on the rearweel and the combination works exelent. I can recomend this combination!
  15. Thanks for the tips! I will look at what i can get overhere. I didn't know Hebo has neoprene gloves.
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