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200Cc In Ssdt


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I would say that, in 40 years of riding, my Rev 3 200 is the best bike I've had for moor crossings. It's plenty fast enough (would always outpace my pal's Scorpa 250), will go up anything, grips well and, if ridden properly, does not use much petrol - a useful attribute in the Scottish. And I'm a bit heavier than you.

I would suggest it should be regarded as an easy to ride 250 rather than a "small" bike.

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I've had a PM suggesting that the 200cc may not be up to the moor crossings. I weigh around 11st 6lb at the moment, although this may rise the more I train for the SSDT itself.

Rode a 125 Gas Gas in 2009 and it was more than capable on the moor crossings, in fact I found it suited me better than the 280 I rode the year before. On the 280, 300 and 250 I never felt like I was in the right gear over the moors.

I rode a 200 Beta and did consider one myself. I was 11.5 stone and went up to 12 for the Scottish that year. Pretty much any bike will make it round if you look after it, usually the rider that struggles more.

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