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  1. I rode a 125 Gas Gas around Scotland in 2011 no problem, even kept up with most things on the road, apart from 4RT's!
  2. Because the top 4 British riders on the World stage are Dabill, Brown, Challoner and Sheppard? Just a thought.
  3. dabtastic

    Btc 2013

    I dont think the ACU are far off the mark with this, I just think it needs a bit more thinking through. I think the proposed "British Solo Trials Championship" should be a 5 round series, closed course, 30 riders of proven ability (i.e top 30 in 2012), in a similar vein as the success that is the North Berks Supertrial, maybe even make this a round of the championship. Have this on a Sunday and the Youth A+B championship or the Ladies championship on the Saturday. Both running TSR22A. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. The current S3 Parts Championship should remain and be called the "S3 Parts British No Stop Championship" running TSR22B. Keep the same rounds, simply a re-name. Therefore we would have the "British Solo Trials Championship" for the best riders in the country to show off what they can do. Stop permitted, massive steps. We would also have the "S3 Parts British No Stop Championship", anyone can enter (provided they are road legal) and ride a proper no stop trial.
  4. Is there an entry list yet?
  5. Do we have a final solo entry list yet?
  6. Another good reason for no stop, yet I thought you were totally against the no stop rules?
  7. Why don't the ACU implement a championship like this? They have it in the ladies championship so why not in the youths? I reckon it would boost entries massively, as I know many youth A riders who would love to ride in the British championship, but do not want to ride the full A class route. I know youth A's can ride the B route on a 'no points, no awards' basis, but why not make it an actual championship?
  8. Have to say, even though I am a fan of no-stop, the Westwood round was to be honest, rubbish. The venue does not suit no-stop at all, just about everything artificial and man made. Also some of the observing was terrible and incosistent, people given cleans when stopping, and also people given fives even though they didnt stop! I also think that the organisers were trying to go the other way from the 1st round, which got critisised for being too easy, and therefore some of the sections were impossible no-stop, i feel just to take lots of marks through fives.
  9. I made one for my GCSE technology, it's 500mm high, which to be honest to too high, although is good when doing big jobs.. Made it out of mild steel box section.
  10. New kickstart aswell, very similar to Jotagas.
  11. Good trial, early number didnt help... them gullies were like glass!
  12. No British riders?? What about Iwan Roberts, Jack Price and Billy Bolt in the youth championship class, Brad Cox, Tom Dexter, Brad + Dec Bullock in the juniors. All of these are young and British.
  13. Time was tight, but some riders made it round within time so it's hardly fair on these people if riders who should have blatently been excluded are allowed to stay in the trial, and score championship points.
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