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  1. andat

    4Rt Fork Seals

    Yes, Showa. My sons 2015 Repsol. I've got a 2011 and never had any problems
  2. andat

    4Rt Fork Seals

    Just putting SKF seals in tonight and noticed the Teflon coating on both guide bushes is peeling off. Must be a fault on the 2015 model?
  3. Due to the sterling efforts of Mark Timperley clearing the lane with his snow plough and RT re-doing the sections, we will now run our Christmas Trial on Sunday 28th December. Due to limited notice we will run 3 laps of 10 sections. Observer gratuity will be £20 per head. Barlow Lees Lane and Cowley Lane have been cleared from Holmesfield (near the Rutland Arms). Gosforth Lane up to Dronfield Hill top is passable with care, but local numpty drivers are making it a painful process. Hopefully MT will have cleared it by this evening if the locals get out of the way long enough for him to get it cleared. Cheers
  4. andat

    Powys Trial

    28 entries that could have been 26 if my lad and his mate had decided to do this instead of the Hipwell Trial, which is on our doorstep.
  5. The promoting clubs websites have a list. You are Nr 116 and start at 9:58
  6. As the title says, does any one know who will be doing the Montesa service at this years SSDT? Craigs did it last year but are they doing it this year?
  7. Bollocks...saw him riding in the Youth Euros 3 years ago in Tanvald, Czech Republic on a gas gas. Lad is good though
  8. Due to a combination of circumstances which have conspired against us the Peak Trial scheduled for 6th October 2013 and the final round of the Luscombe Suzuki Leeds Sidecar Championship has been cancelled. The limited number entries so far received will be refunded in full.
  9. Here's another one for you lot to ponder: 17 year old passes test (pre 19 Jan 2013) and gets an A2 Licence which restricts said rider for 2 years to machines =<25kW (33bhp) AND power/weight ratio not exceeding 0.16kW/kg. This may be OK for a road bike, but for a trials bike its impossible and might be the end of road trials for said 17 year old 'cos insurers want proof of bhp and power/weight ratio of trials bike. No manufacturer publishes such information and if they did it would probably exceed power/weight ratio 'cos they are so bloody light. Typically a modern trials machine weight is 66-70 kg, so to keep below the 0.16kW/kg power/weight ratio, the power of any trials machine to be ridden by a 17 year old after passing his/her test must not exceed 10.5kw (14bhp)....
  10. Its one of the excluded events....bloody good job too, as is the RAC Rally, the Edinburgh Trial, the Exeter Trial and others as listed on Schedule 4 of the Regulations.
  11. No one is going to go to prison...apparently the fine for running "an illegal event" is £50....
  12. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...Now the police are sticking their nose in. All my sympathies Scorpa 3, but you do not need MSA approval if you can run an event under the exclusion guidlines. That has been the whole purpose of my contribution to this debate. We (including the ACU) have to modify the way we run events so that they can fit within the exclusion guidelines. This will inevitably mean compromising on things we used to do (time limits, riders setting off in a pre-determined order and riding sections in a pre-determined order). But it can be done....
  13. More e-mails have landed today whilst I've been at work. Apparently this was all debated at length back in '69 and the ACU back then supported the proposition that "it doesn't apply to road trials because there is no competition "on" the public highway" Doesn't help you now Scorpa3 but I would be tempted to tell the MSA to whistle for any more info and say the event doesn't actually need their authorisation.
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