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Scorpa 125 Tys F Questions?


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Just purchased a 2007 Scorpa 125 trials bike and what a blast to ride! Can some one tell me the status of these little thumpers. Are parts still available or even what parts may cross over from other brands. I understand the engine is a TTR 125, but curious about other stuff like wheels and plastics. Once again, so much fun to ride.


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Hi, They are yamaha engines,

They use the same engine in the Gas Gas randonne

thought you were in the uk for a moment! so birkettmotosportukltd.co.uk in the uk is no good to you i suppose!


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My advise,

Engine parts as i recently found out, at lest for the 2 stroke 250 (tyz 250) you can order by your local Yamaha dealer, they just need a engine number or a partsnumber, for the SY they are the same as Yamaha uses!

For the rest of the parts, just compare them to other bikes, for instance my brakes are from AJP, the same as GG and Sherco, only the rotors are from Braking, i can still order them.

The only components that are difficult to get are the rear mudgards, they are specific for an SY, i don't know how this is for a fourstroke.

Tanks and the rest off the plastics will fit from a SR modell.

I don't think you will have problem though as the SYF 125 still is build and sold new, at least overhere in Europe.

Most important, just ride it enjoy it, love it like hell and don't worry about breaking it!

They are realy tough litle bikes, a lot stronger than a GASGAS and the like.

When something realy goes wrong, there will always be someone who can and will help you out, after all we are trialists!!

( I don't think that last one is a real word?)

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