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I wonder if anyone can offer some advice.

I am going to get into trials locally and have bought I bike but have yet to get a trailer etc.

However in the interim to get a little practice and training I fancy a trials experience day.

I have done a little reseach and the following two look good.



Ideally I would like some 1 2 1 training but not too worried about groups.

I just wondered if anyone else had any experience of the two above or would recommend any others.

I am based in Berkshire so ideally in the south/midlands would be best.


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I can't vote on any of the above ... But get some time on the bike , get to a event close to you and either spectate or get on the novice line , either way you will have fun and make some friends ! WE ALL STARTED SOMEWHERE !!! And both places sound cool if you want to spend the money for a playday ....


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Anything is better than nothing! Spending time on the bike, getting pointers is important, and in an actual trial time is limited regardless of just how helpful others would like to be.

Meet some locals at the events to advise you as well, it is all good!

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I have also been to Stu Days trial school and it was excellent. Stu is a really helpful guy and he will set you right. The venue is on large farm land and all types of

terrain are available.

My experience day was with other riders and we learnt a lot.

You get a full day riding, lunch and good banter. Well worth the money, he also supplies all the clothing, boots, gloves and helmet. :thumbup:

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